Where To Go To Rest In September

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Where To Go To Rest In September
Where To Go To Rest In September
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Autumn begins the velvet season in many beach resorts. In Russia in September you can enjoy the beauty of nature in national parks. In September, there are holidays and all kinds of excursions in various parts of the world.

Where to go to rest in September
Where to go to rest in September


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Have fun at Oktoberfest in Germany. The main beer festival of the year takes place in Bavaria and begins in the second half of September. The fun can be combined with small excursions in southern Germany. Visit Munich, Frankfurt am Main, drive through many small German towns to get an idea of ​​how the most pedantic nation lives.

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Enjoy the warm waves of the sea. If you want to see the salty sea and hot sun, head to Turkey. You can have a great rest on the beaches of Hainan Island in China or Indonesia. If you do not want to travel abroad, go to the Krasnodar Territory. In September, there are not so many tourists in Sochi, and the weather still disposes to lazy rest under the warm sun. If you want to combine a beach holiday with a tasting of Southern European cuisine and enjoy the exquisite taste of real port, go to Portugal.

Step 3

Explore the culture and life of the peoples of the world. If you want to take a bus ride to cultural attractions, visit a number of famous museums, enjoy unusual architecture, go to Ireland - the country of castles and beautiful nature. Sit in local pubs, play football or rugby.

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The views of New York are beautiful in September. Combine a visit to the largest city in the United States with a tour of New England. Boston, Townshend and Salem are not the most popular cities for tourists, but this does not mean that these places do not deserve your attention.

Step 5

Get to know the nature of your home country. In order to have a great vacation in September, you do not have to go to the ends of the world. Go to Lake Baikal or the Altai Mountains. Excellent weather in September in the Primorsky Territory or Khakassia. In early autumn, you can enjoy a trip to the estates of the Moscow region or visit the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

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