Where To Go Abroad In November

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Where To Go Abroad In November
Where To Go Abroad In November
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In November, the weather in most of Russia is quite cold - you don't want to get out from under the blanket, let alone go on a trip. If your vacation is in this month, it is better to choose more comfortable conditions for your vacation.

Where to go abroad in November
Where to go abroad in November


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The beach season does not end in October, as it happened before, when the Russians mostly rested on the Black Sea coast. A wonderful and inexpensive vacation awaits you in Egypt at this time. The sweltering heat subsides, the sun becomes gentle, but the sea is still warm. In such weather, you can not only lie on the beach, but also go on an excursion. The Sphinx and the famous pyramids are well worth a look. It can be chilly in November evenings in Egypt, so bring outerwear on your trip - a windbreaker, denim jacket or sweatshirt. The United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Morocco have similar weather conditions to Egypt and will also be happy to host tourists.

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Israel is another very interesting country where people who cannot stand the heat find it hard to stay in the summer. In November, it pleases vacationers with its beautiful nature and mild climate, favorable for swimming in the sea and for excursion trips. However, it should be borne in mind that by the end of November, short-term, but very intense rains begin to fall in Israel.

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Italy, Spain and Greece, which are so popular in summer, are no longer so inclined towards tourists in November. The weather in the last month of autumn is still warm, but swimming in the sea is already uncomfortable. But these countries are good not only for a beach holiday, because they have a lot of attractions created both by nature and by human hands. And cool, but calm and sunny November weather is the best possible way for a pleasant excursion.

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In November, most of India has warm and sunny weather. If you have long wanted to travel to this exotic country, it's time to go there. The sweltering heat and accompanying insects and unpleasant odors will not pester you. The rainy season is over and you still have a month before winter. If the weather is favorable for you, you can even relax on the beaches of Goa, while there is still no influx of tourists.

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