Which Islands To Relax On

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Which Islands To Relax On
Which Islands To Relax On
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Almost every person from time to time dreams of giving up everything and leaving for some island, where he could calmly forget about his affairs, worries and enjoy the magnificent nature.

Which islands to relax on
Which islands to relax on


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The most popular island among tourists is Paradise (Bahamas). Its name in translation from English means - paradise. And the island itself corresponds to this name. Every tourist, having got to this tiny island, will feel like a god. A luxurious casino, nightclubs, a beautiful beach and hotels will delight anyone, and the quality of service will remain in the memory of everyone who has been there for a lifetime.

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Saint Thomas (USA) is another highly visited island. It was sold by the Danes to the US government for $ 25 million. And at the moment they very much regretted it, since for the Americans it has become a favorite resort. This island has a large number of picturesque beaches, and the infrastructure is one of the best in the world.

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For tourists who like picturesque nature, the island of Santorini (Greece) is suitable. Its rare beauty is associated with the volcanic eruption that occurred in 1450 BC. Interesting snow-white houses located throughout the island give the island a special charm.

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Fans of a truly regal vacation should relax on Bella Island (Italy). The Italians call it Isola Bella, which means “beautiful island”. Famous lords and Napoleon with his wife Josephine loved to visit it. The extraordinary beauty of this place is praised by most of the writers who have ever been there, and all of them were eager to return there again.

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It is very difficult to describe the beauty of nature that is in the Maldives. Therefore, all tired show business stars or just the richest people in the world fly there. This island can be called a truly paradise, as the well-developed infrastructure will leave only positive impressions. And big fans of diving will be delighted with the coral reefs and the variety of fish that live in these waters. For diving enthusiasts, the island of Taveuni (Fiji) is also suitable. Its mountains and white sand beaches will conquer you forever, after which you will happily want to repeat your trip.

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If you are planning to spend your vacation in an eastern country, in no case should you miss the island of Pi-Pi. Its beauty captivated everyone who watched the film "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio. Naturally, after watching this film, most of the tourists went there. Despite the fact that the old-timers of Thailand say that so many people have destroyed the beauty of this place, but it is enough to fly there and see for yourself that all its beauty is still in the same state as before.

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