How To Redeem Land On Which There Is No Building

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How To Redeem Land On Which There Is No Building
How To Redeem Land On Which There Is No Building
Video: How To Redeem Land On Which There Is No Building
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In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, every citizen of Russia, if desired, can carry out a transaction on the acquisition of a land plot. To do this, you need to collect a package of certain documents, as well as go through the registration procedures in the authorized bodies for this.

How to redeem land that has no building
How to redeem land that has no building


  • - cadastral passport of the site;
  • - a copy of the identity document of the applicant;
  • - extract from ERGP.


Step 1

Preparatory process for buying land. In order to buy land, you first need to find out if it is registered as an object in the state real estate cadastre, because you cannot buy land without a cadastral passport. Such data can be obtained from the Federal Agency for State Property Management or its regional offices. For example, in the Russian capital, this is the Moscow City Land Resources Department.

Step 2

If the land plot was not subject to state registration earlier, you should apply to the local authority with an application. As a rule, within a month, specialists are required to carry out geodetic and cadastral work, as well as draw up a site layout diagram. These services are paid. The price usually depends on the size of the plot.

Step 3

After that, you should submit an application to the local government for the acquisition of ownership of the land plot. A package of documents should be attached to the application, consisting of the cadastral passport of the site, an extract from the ERGP, a copy of the applicant's identity document.

Step 4

The decision on this application is made within a month. The same amount from the date of the decision, the authority authorized to dispose of the land plot will prepare a draft contract for the sale of the land plot. After that, the officials must send it to you with a proposal to conclude an agreement. However, the existence of a contract is not yet a guarantee of full ownership of land.

Step 5

The next step is to register ownership of the acquired property with an authorized body, that is, Rosreestr.

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