What Sights Are There In England

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What Sights Are There In England
What Sights Are There In England
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The capital of England, the city of rains and fogs - London, it is in this majestic city and its environs that a large number of architectural attractions of the whole country are concentrated.

Buckingham Palace in London
Buckingham Palace in London

England is a large administrative unit and a historical part of Great Britain. A country with a rich cultural and historical heritage, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Among the sights of England, one of the first places is occupied by medieval fortifications and megalithic structures. Also in England there are many beautiful cathedrals, bridges and parks.


One of the most famous archaeological sites not only in England but also in the world. Stonehenge is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and is also protected by the State Commission on Historic Buildings and Monuments of England. The facility is located about 130 km from London.

Archaeologists could not determine the exact dates of the construction of Stonehenge. In order to study this unique megalithic structure, radiocarbon analysis was carried out, which showed that the stone boulders of Stonehenge were processed from 2440 to 2100 BC.

York City Walls

In the central part of the English city of York, the walls and towers erected by the Romans have been preserved. The four large towers, Butem Bar, Monk Bar, Wallgate Bar and Micklegate, have a through structure and grates that can be lifted to pass through the tower. These towers are closed, so tourists can only admire them from the outside. There are guided tours around the York Fortress.

Windsor castle

Currently, this castle, located in the county of Berkshire, is the seat of the British monarchs. The castle was founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.

There are guided tours around the castle, and some of its rooms are open for excursion groups. Also, tourists can visit the chapel of St. George, located in the lower courtyard of the castle.

Buckingham Palace

This grandiose structure is undoubtedly one of the most significant landmarks in London. The palace is guarded by the Court Division. From April to August every morning a changing of the guard takes place outside the palace. In the remaining months, the guard changes every other day. The changing of the guard ceremony starts at 11:30 am and attracts many tourists.

It is necessary to register for a tour of the halls and the territory of the palace in advance, since the number of excursion groups is limited. It is worth noting that excursions are held from July to September, and in the rest of the months the main royal residence closes its doors to tourists.

Tower of London

The fortress in the historic center of London is the symbol of Great Britain. The Tower is one of the oldest buildings in London. The beginning of its construction dates back to 1066. Tourists can visit the Tower not only as part of an excursion group, but also independently. For tourists, only a few halls and rooms are available in the fortress, including the Royal Treasury.

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