Popular Sights Of Kineshma

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Popular Sights Of Kineshma
Popular Sights Of Kineshma
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Kineshma is one of the regional centers of the Ivanovo region. The city is famous for its rich history; the first mention of it dates back to 1429. It is located 400 km northeast of Moscow and 100 km from Ivanovo. Kineshma is located on the right bank of the Volga and stretches along its bank for more than 15 km. That is why the delightful Volga landscapes are the main attraction of the city.

Popular sights of Kineshma
Popular sights of Kineshma

Legendary places of Volzhsky Boulevard

One of the most beautiful boulevards ever located on the banks of the Volga is, of course, Volzhsky Boulevard in Kineshma. Once upon a time many famous figures of science and art could be found here, for example, the playwright A.N. Ostrovsky, writer A.A. Potekhin, artist B.M. Kustodiev, astronomer F.A. Bredikhin and others. Today it is a modern embankment with carved benches, ornate pavilions, original lighting, fountains and flowering flower beds. It is a favorite recreation place for the townspeople and guests of Kineshma, as well as the main center for holding city holidays, concerts and fairs. Theatrical performances and performances are organized here in summer. It is noteworthy that it was on Kineshemsky Boulevard that the legendary films were shot: "The Dowry", "Vassa Zheleznova", "Wolves and Sheep".

On Bolshoy Volzhsky Boulevard, there is the legendary Kineshemskaya tea house, where Soviet power was proclaimed in October 1917. This historic building can be seen in several films, namely "Chinese Service", "The Ulyanov Family", "Yakov Sverdlov". Now it is a hotel and restaurant complex "Tea - Museum" Russian hut ".

Another pride of the city is the ensemble of the Assumption and Trinity Cathedrals. The Assumption Cathedral was built in 1745. Its bell tower, which is 87 m high, is one of the best in the Ivanovo region. It consists of five tiers and ends with a spire, which creates the illusion of a rapid upward flight. Trinity Cathedral is a large monumental building in the late Classicism style. It is best viewed from the west side, then a row of columns will be seen, which resemble the architecture of ancient temples.

On Maly Boulevard, it is worth visiting the theatrical square, the Drama Theater named after A.N. Ostrovsky, a merchant mansion - the manor of the manufacturer Mindovsky, the Church of the Ascension, built in 1779, as well as a local history museum.

Ancient landmarks

Particularly noteworthy is the architectural monument of the 18th century - the chapel on the market square. It was erected on the site of the mass grave of the Kineshemians who died in 1609, defending the city from the Polish-Lithuanian conquerors. Now it is a kind of spiritual center of Kineshma.

Red and white shopping arcades, created in the late 19th - early 20th centuries at the expense of local merchants, boast interesting architecture. Now the renovated sales areas are home to a shopping center and a number of shops.

While in Kineshma, it is worth visiting the Church of the Annunciation (1805), the "Passage" cinema (1908), the bank building (1890), as well as the famous three-storey house on the street. Sovetskaya, 1, built in the middle of the 19th century, the owners of which were the merchants and benefactors Polenovs, and then the Tikhomirovs.

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