How To Behave In Thailand

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How To Behave In Thailand
How To Behave In Thailand
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Thailand is known for its hospitality. It will not be difficult for tourists to adhere to basic Thai customs and traditions in order to avoid disrespect and problems with the local population. Follow these guidelines and nothing will spoil your vacation.

How to behave in Thailand
How to behave in Thailand


Step 1

When meeting or parting, bow slightly with folded hands at about chest level. This gesture is called wai and is also used to express gratitude. Never pet Thai people on the head. The head for them is a temple that cannot be touched. In Thailand, such a gesture would be shocking. And in general, limit tactile contact with Thais to a minimum, if you accidentally touch it, immediately apologize.

Step 2

Never speak ill of the royal family. The Thais treat their king with great devotion and love. The image of the monarch can be found on all coins and banknotes. Therefore, be careful about money, do not step on it or tear it. Such an act would be considered an insult, or even a crime.

Step 3

Show respect for the Buddha image. In Thailand, Buddhism is the main religion, so there are a huge number of Buddha statues throughout the country. Every Buddha image, small or large, whole or broken, is perceived in Thailand as a sacred object. Do not climb statues to take pictures. It is forbidden to export any Buddha statues from Thailand, although the Thai customs turn a blind eye to this.

Step 4

When visiting temples, dress with restraint - you cannot be in shorts, a mini-skirt, in transparent or tight-fitting clothes, and bare shoulders are unacceptable. Before entering, you need to take off your shoes, for this they put metal boxes there. And it is not necessary to take off the headdress. While sitting in a temple, you cannot be with your back to the Buddha.

Step 5

Try not to raise your voice under any circumstances, even if something does not suit you. Raising your voice is considered disrespectful and bad upbringing.

Step 6

Do not smoke on the streets, in public places, restaurants, hotels - for this you can be fined 2,000 baht ($ 55). In addition, the Thai government is very tough in the fight against drug trafficking. Clubs are very often checked, and anyone who falls under suspicion is forced to give urine. If the test is positive, they are severely punished. The drug trade leads to ten years in a Thai prison or even the death penalty, depending on the amount of the drug.

Step 7

Although Thailand seems to Europeans to be a country of rather free morals, the laws here guard morality. Do not sunbathe without a bathing suit, this is prohibited. In Thailand, it is not customary to flaunt your close relationship.

Step 8

Do not carry large amounts of money and valuables with you, use hotel safes, they are provided free of charge. Do not leave your belongings unattended on the beach.

Step 9

Feel free to bargain. In Asian countries, bargaining for any goods is always welcome. Bargaining is appropriate in a hotel, bar and even on public transport. A visitor is always called inflated prices.

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