How To Choose A Tour To Turkey

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How To Choose A Tour To Turkey
How To Choose A Tour To Turkey
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Turkey is a country with a huge number of resort cities located on the coasts of four seas. Resort hotels provide different types of vacations, ranging from a full set of "all inclusive" to accommodation in small houses on the slopes of the mountains.

Sailboat in Turkey
Sailboat in Turkey


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When choosing a tourist ticket to Turkey, it is worth deciding on the following criteria: the city of rest, the number of stars and the choice of food in the hotel, as well as the inclusion of air tickets and transfers in the tour. Large tour operators such as Tez Tour, Pegasus, Coral and others provide full support for a vacation on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. They include full support, from meeting at the airport to transfer for the return flight, hotel accommodation, plane tickets, insurance for the duration of your stay in the country. Such tours are not too expensive thanks to cheap charter flights and cooperation with hotels. The disadvantage of choosing such vouchers is the limited number of hotels (each operator offers hotels with which he works), charter flights and sometimes intrusive guide service.

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When choosing a hotel by star level, do not forget that there is no clear star marking in Turkey. It is best to look at the year of construction of the hotel and the date of the last certification (sometimes hotels of class 5 and 4, certified several years ago, may in fact turn out to be dilapidated long ago and have changed management by "triplets").

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An important criterion for choosing a tourist trip to Turkey is the choice of location. The most common are the resorts of the Mediterranean coast: Antalya, Beldibi, Kemer, Alania. The most common is a regular beach holiday. The season starts from the end of April, but the water fully warms up only by mid-end of May. And the Antalya region sells the cheapest vouchers. The Aegean Sea region is less affected by the all-inclusive system, you can come here either on a comprehensive tour or by self-booking a hotel and tickets. The most famous local resorts include Fethiye, Bodrum, Izmir, Kusadasi. In addition to a measured beach holiday, in the Aegean region you can engage in cognitive activities, since the largest number of antiquity monuments in Europe is located here. On the Black Sea coast of Turkey, it makes sense to go on an excursion tour: from here there are trails through the most significant places of ancient and medieval history. Lovers of antiquity can book a trip to Istanbul with a visit to the fortresses of Rize and Sinop, the old Ottoman city of Safranbalu or the Sumela monastery built among the rocks.

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