How To Get To India

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How To Get To India
How To Get To India
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India is a mysterious, mystical Asian magnet. We bring to your attention the answers to the most important questions when preparing for a trip to this country. They will help you plan your trip and spend an unforgettable time without much hassle.

How to get to India
How to get to India


Step 1

Why go?

Decide for what purpose you would like to visit the country. First of all, India attracts tourists who want to enrich their own spiritual life. People come to this country in search of the meaning of life, hoping to gain new knowledge from teachers in Ashrams (a place for meditation, prayer and self-knowledge). On the other hand, many vacationers are attracted by Goa, an island state, one of the best Asian resorts.

Step 2

What is the best time to go?

Decide on the time of your trip. Summer in India all year round. However, in April-June it is especially hot there, and in July-September monsoon rains are added to the heat, so the most comfortable time for a trip is from October to March.

Step 3

How to get to India?

Select an airline. Aircraft of Aeroflot (departures from Moscow), Air India, Turkmenistan Airlines (Turkmen Airlines), Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways), Kiev Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways fly to this country ". Non-stop flights are operated only by Aeroflot (6 flights per week to Delhi and 3 to Bombay). From the point of view of saving money, it is most profitable to travel with Turkmen airlines, which are now developed at the European level. The cost of the flight is from 15,000 rubles. up to 24000 rubles.

Step 4

Do you need a visa?

Solve your visa issue. India is a visa country. You can obtain a visa yourself by contacting the Indian Visa Application Center (IVSC) in Moscow. To obtain a visa, documents are required: a valid passport and a copy of it, 2 photos 3, 5x4, 5 according to the requirements posted on the website, a copy of a Russian passport, a completed questionnaire, a declaration, a copy of a round trip ticket, a voucher for hotel accommodation in India. Visa processing takes 5-7 working days for Russians. In special cases, the embassy may invite you for an interview. Most travel agencies will not only help you with a visa, but also book a hotel

Step 5

What kind of hotels are there?

Choose your place of residence. Hotels in India are varied. These are luxurious 5-star "Sheraton" and "Taj" types (on average a room costs from $ 300 per day), and average 3-4 * (from $ 100 per day), and economical 2 * (from $ 60 per day), and cheap non-star (from 50 rupees per day). Moreover, prices are significantly reduced if the room is booked in advance.

Step 6

What to see and how much will the trip cost?

Make plans for cultural activities and sightseeing. Of course, first of all, this is the "Golden Triangle": Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, tours from $ 420. Trip to the Ashram: Ashram in Delhi (Ashram of Sri Aurobindo), accommodation from 10 to 65 rupees per day or Ashram in Bombay (Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba "Dharmakshetra"). In total, taking into account flights, hotel cost and excursion program, for a two-week trip, you will need about $ 1000.

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