Where To Go In Winter In Warmth

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Where To Go In Winter In Warmth
Where To Go In Winter In Warmth
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During the winter months, you want to go closer to the warm sun. Unfortunately, there are no such places in Russia, but this is not a problem for the owners of passports. Resorts in Asia, Africa and America await you this time of year.

Where to go in winter in warmth
Where to go in winter in warmth


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Hide from the cold in India. In the southern part of the country, the active tourist season lasts from October to March. At this time, it is warm and dry here. Start your journey in the bustling international Mumbai. See the Hanging Garden. Then, head to the beaches of Goa. There, you can blithely spend the rest of your vacation, or move on to Cochin, the largest city in Kerala.

Step 2

Visit the Dutch Mattancheri Palace, Synagogue, and St. Francis Church. Enjoy a stroll through the backwaters of the Arabian Sea. Sunbathe on the beaches of Varkala for a few days and then head back to the Periyar National Park, a place where tigers live and protect. It is also the only park in India where you can take close-up photographs of elephants.

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Head to the beaches of Costa Rica. In Central America, winters are warm, so here you can easily survive the cold season. Settle down in one of the beach towns - Jaco, Quepos, Uvita or Monteverde. For adventure, head north to La Fortuna. Visit the Arenal volcano and hot springs. To explore the natural world of Costa Rica, the Manuel Antonio or Corcovado National Parks are at your service.

Step 4

Relax culturally in Egypt. Many tourists have become bored of this country for a long time, but it is not necessary to spend the entire vacation at the hotel, filling your stomach at the buffet. Explore the sights of the ancient Egyptian kingdom and the Arab period that attracted romantics here in ancient times.

Step 5

Visit the pyramids of Giza, visit the Islamic region of Cairo, the Khan al-Khalili market, visit the National Egyptian Museum. Travel to the mysterious Luxor. See the monuments of the ancient necropolis in Thebes, the Valley of the Queens, the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Hatshepsut, Karnak and Luxor. In Aswan, visit the Nubian Museum, see the cave temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertiti.

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