What To See, Where To Go In Romania

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What To See, Where To Go In Romania
What To See, Where To Go In Romania
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What is Romania? This is, first of all, the castle of the most famous vampire Count Dracula, this is an unusual combination of sea breeze and aromas of virgin nature, urban jungle of modern times and monuments of ancient architecture.

What to see, where to go in Romania
What to see, where to go in Romania

Any country in the world has such sights and unusual places, which every tourist needs to visit so that he can safely say - I know this country and have seen all its unique places. Of course, Romania is no exception to the general rule and there is something to see, where to go and what to be surprised at.

Variety of Bucharest

Those who travel to Romania must not only visit this city, but also study and examine it in as much detail as possible. The first mention of this city dates back to 1459 and is associated with the construction of the Princely Temple, from which only ruins and the Princely Church have survived to this day, which is rightfully considered the most ancient monument of Romania. In addition, here you can visit the unique Patriarchal Cathedral, the most populous street in the country - Victory Street, the so-called Russian street (Kiseleva highway) with the Triumphal Arch and the second largest building in the world - the House of the People. Museum lovers will find the flora and fauna museums, art and history.

Brasov County

Brasov is located on the Olt River, which is considered the birthplace of Romanian tourism. Tourists are attracted here by a variety of architectural and historical monuments - the Church of St. Bartholomew, Bastion of the Weavers, the Black Church, where the largest organ is located and, of course, the Catherine's Gate, which connects the old town with the fortress.

Castles and palaces

Not far from Bucharest is the most mysterious castle called Bran, where Count Dracula lived. The main stream of tourists is directed precisely here, to the building of Gothic architecture with dark rooms and long corridors, in which the spirit of the ominous owner of the estate still hovers.

One cannot ignore the residence of the Romanian monarch Karol I, built in the 11th century according to his personal project, the so-called Peles Palace. This castle amazes with its lightness, bizarre figured turrets and windows. The palace houses a unique painting exhibition, which consists of more than 2000 paintings by great masters.

Romanian monasteries are also striking in their grandeur. The most famous and visited of them are the Moldovitsa Monastery and the Voronets Monastery. They are reliably sheltered behind many-meter strong walls, and those who want to be alone with themselves come here, to bow to the icon of St. George the Victorious in the church of the same name.

Romanian beaches

Beach lovers, of course, need to visit the famous Romanian beaches in the resort of Mamaia, a few kilometers from the city of Constanta and in the resort of Olymp Neptune. The beaches are famous for their cleanliness, landscaping and an abundance of entertainment - water parks, camping, numerous quiet recreation areas where you can retire.

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