We Are Going To Rest With A Nursing Baby

We Are Going To Rest With A Nursing Baby
We Are Going To Rest With A Nursing Baby
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Everyone wants to rest! But what to do if you have a baby in your arms who is not even a year old. The opinions of doctors on this issue differ, and the Internet is replete with creepy stories. What should parents do? Is it possible to go on vacation with a nursing baby and relax at the same time? Why not! But you need to prepare thoroughly for the trip, foresee and neutralize potential difficulties in advance.

A well-planned vacation will benefit your little one
A well-planned vacation will benefit your little one

So what do you need to worry about when planning a nursing vacation?

1. Resting place.

When planning a vacation with a travel company, ask managers to take into account the peculiarities of vacation with small children. After the selection, do not rush to order a tour, but go home and read reviews about each of the proposed options. The "star rating" of a hotel is not always an indicator, so try to collect as much information and reviews as possible from the parents who were vacationing there.

2. Helpers.

If you want not just to change the environment, but also to relax, take care of assistants. Mom, sister, friend - this can be any person who is ready to tinker with your baby from time to time.

3. Baby's health.

Fear number 1 and the main reason why many parents refuse to travel long distances with their babies. Carefully pack your first aid kit and prepare your health insurance. After all, it often happens - the more drugs you take, the less likely they will be useful.

4. Nutrition.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you're in luck. The only limitation is to refrain from exotic and spicy foods. If your baby is already familiar with complementary foods, stock up on the usual cereals and purees in full. Don't rely on a diet table or the ability to buy food from local stores.

5. Clothes.

Even if you are traveling to a hot country, do not forget warm clothes for your baby. After all, it can be cool in the evening.

6. Restful sleep.

In modern hotels, as a rule, they provide a crib and all the necessary underwear for a child. But it is better not to be lazy and take with you bed linen and bumpers that are installed in your crib at home. The familiar environment and smell will soothe your little one and make them feel at home.

7. A cane stroller.

Modern walking sticks are very light and easy to use. The stroller will greatly facilitate your time at the airport. And while on vacation, you can use it to sleep your baby outdoors or during joint walks.

8. On the plane.

For a comfortable flight, do not forget to stock up on water for your baby, because it is often stuffy on the plane. In addition, during takeoff and landing, his ears may hurt - offer the baby a breast or a bottle of water. Don't forget a diaper to cover your baby when he falls asleep. Take your favorite toys to keep your baby entertained while awake.

9. Regime of the day.

Upon arrival at the holiday destination, do not rush to try everything at once. Allow your child to get used to the new environment first. Try to maintain the same routine that your child is used to at home. Babies, as a rule, need 1-2 days to adapt and feel calm.

10. Calmness.

And only calmness! In any situation! Even if something went wrong! With your confident and positive attitude, reassure your little one that they are safe.

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