Where To Go In Dusseldorf

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Where To Go In Dusseldorf
Where To Go In Dusseldorf
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Dusseldorf - a city with almost eight hundred years of history, is one of the most stylish and elegant cities in Europe. As a major center of Germany, the city captivates tourists with its versatility. And if fate has brought you to Dusseldorf, then it is in your power to choose which facets of this diamond to immediately examine closer, and which to leave for the next visits. Because you will definitely want to come back here.

Where to go in Dusseldorf
Where to go in Dusseldorf


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Travel to Altstadt. This area, which is the cultural and historical center of the ancient city, is called nothing less than "the longest bar in the world." After all, nowhere else in the world is there such a number of bars and other drinking establishments concentrated in a limited space. And besides the bars, there are sights here that every self-respecting tourist should certainly see: the Art Academy, the Town Hall and others.

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Nord park

Visit Nord Park The most beautiful place in the region, popular with tourists, is famous for its garden, alleys, fountains and flower gardens. And also here is the Düsseldorf water zoo Aqua-Zoo, with its richest collection of aquatic inhabitants of all seas and oceans. The main attraction of the water zoo is a huge hall, where the atmosphere of a tropical forest with all its inhabitants and attributes is accurately recreated.

Step 3

Royal alley

Go shopping at Royal Walk. This street can be considered a multi-brand store. A huge number of boutiques of famous brands, expensive galleries and shops are concentrated here. However, it is not entirely legitimate to call the Royal Alley a shop street. Rather, it is a trade and cultural center. The German Opera on the Rhine, the Theater Museum and the Drama Theater are located here. And also fans of Goethe's work gather here in order to see an exhibition of the writer's works and personal belongings.

Step 4

Dusseldorf waterfront

Take a walk along the waterfront. The newest attraction of the ancient city is the embankment along the Rhine. The most beautiful sights of Dusseldorf are located in its area: buildings of the 18th century in the Baroque style, famous bridges and others. Here you can also visit the TV Tower and look at the city from the rotating observation deck. By the way, the famous MedienHafen district is located right there - the "architectural zoo" of Dusseldorf, and also the center of nightclub life.

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