How To Spend A Vacation In Finland

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How To Spend A Vacation In Finland
How To Spend A Vacation In Finland
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Finland is the perfect place for a family vacation. Everything here is conducive to an active lifestyle, cycling, boat trips with oars or race walking, and also to relaxing rest in spa complexes.

Finland landmarks
Finland landmarks

It is logical to start the journey from the capital. Helsinki is a small city. The city center is beautiful in its patriarchal simplicity and layout reminiscent of St. Petersburg. In 2012, Helsinki was declared the "International Design Capital". And you can feel it on every move. Effective posters. Sterile sidewalks. Stylish showcases.

The best spa hotels in Finland

Hotel "Haikon Cartano"

40 km from Helsinki, on the seashore, there is an old manor house Haikko. There are 24 luxurious rooms, which are fashionable for romantic weekends and celebrations. Next to the estate there is a modern spa building, a complex of swimming pools and a sauna. All cosmetic procedures are carried out exclusively with professional cosmetics. They also offer cryotherapy in a room with a temperature of 110 degrees. The procedure is very pleasant and even more useful. And exotic lovers can try sound waves relaxation in a special pool.

Congress hotel "Longvik"

It is located half an hour from Helsinki. Not so long ago, a huge spa complex and a 22-meter-long swimming pool were opened here. It is complemented by many small pools with different degrees of heating, a warm rain shower with lighting. And also relaxing baths in a special pool, where you can enjoy music that resonates with the water column. Coastal saunas for small groups are especially popular with hotel guests. Champagne tastings are held on Saturdays. But it's even more tempting to go to the Long Weekend party. The program includes a visit to the hotel's cinema, happy hours of champagne in the pool, dinner accompanied by live music and much more.

Where else is worth visiting


This town is reminiscent of Suzdal with its decorative tourist name. The visiting card of the city is the picturesque customs warehouses of the last century, painted in the burgundy color, beloved by the Finns. The streets of Porvoo are made up of lovely boutiques, restaurants and pretty doll-like houses.


The Haltia Nature Center is located in the Nuuksio National Park in Espoo. For tourists, it has become a "gateway" to the nature of Finland. It contains the most detailed information about all 37 National Parks of the country and the most important natural attractions. The center employs real enthusiasts who care for human health and his inclusion in the natural environment. They will always help tourists to develop trekking routes, with overnight stays in road houses or tents.


It is considered a "Christmas city", where the main Christmas tree of the country is established and a large number of cultural events take place every year. Including music festivals. The city has a castle built in 1280. This castle is covered with many legends. The Museum of Folk Crafts is also impressive, where 18 houses of artisans and more than 30 craft workshops have been recreated in their original form.

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