How To Survive In The USA

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How To Survive In The USA
How To Survive In The USA

Video: How To Survive In The USA

Video: How To Survive In The USA
Video: How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary 2023, March

You have moved to America. It was easy or difficult, but now you are in the USA. You managed to obtain a residence permit and the right to work, and possibly citizenship. Many formalities are over, and you even got a job. How not to lose your job? After all, it often means "how to survive?"

How to survive in the USA
How to survive in the USA


Step 1

Remember, your boss is your king. He is always right. Do not argue with him under any circumstances. Even if you think that this will benefit the company you work for, or save it from harm, you will not be listened to. And you won't save your career.

Step 2

Do not advise anyone at work. Your boss hired you to work, not advise. He's the boss, he's smarter. Do not advise your colleagues, they are your competitors in the labor market. If they listen to you, they will have an advantage over you. If they don’t listen, they will think that you consider yourself smarter. Try not to make enemies for yourself.

Step 3

Work the way you are asked to, and more. But not too much. If you overwork significantly, the bosses will not appreciate it, they will only burden the work even more. And colleagues will be unhappy with you. In addition, significant processing is tiring, you can lose a lot of energy and not cope in the event of an emergency. But don't try to work less than you're supposed to, lest your boss think you are lazy.

Step 4

Don't open up at work. Do not talk about your weak points, sores and phobias. At the most inopportune moment, someone will definitely use this information against you. And in general, never communicate on personal topics at work.

Step 5

Attend all corporate events. Remember: this is your responsibility. Don't stand out and don't be a black sheep. Only illness, death, or religion can be valid reasons for your absence.

Step 6

Remember that friends at work are rare. Outwardly friendly people with whom you kindly communicate will set you up at any moment as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Nothing personal. Just a business.

Step 7

Try not to bother the management with a huge number of questions, because this can be regarded as a sign of incompetence and low professional level. Besides, it is annoying. And they try to get rid of the annoying person. Up to dismissal.

Step 8

Always try to be like everyone else. If you are different, try to hide it as best you can. Stay close to the general flow. However, do not miss the likely Great Luck. If you see that you can grab her by the tail, do so immediately.

Step 9

Raise and improve your professional level. After all, your career depends on it. Remember that hundreds of people are eager to take your place.

Step 10

And do not forget that your problems are of concern only to you, your opinion is of interest only to you. You may be angry, but you are.

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