How To Get To Arkhangelsk

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How To Get To Arkhangelsk
How To Get To Arkhangelsk

Video: How To Get To Arkhangelsk

Video: How To Get To Arkhangelsk
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One of the pearls of Primorye, the keeper of northern traditions and cultural heritage, is the Arkhangelsk region with the regional center of the same name. To come here is a great success for connoisseurs of the treasures of ancient Russian treasures, manuscripts and fine arts.

How to get to Arkhangelsk
How to get to Arkhangelsk


  • telephone set
  • computer with internet connection
  • required amount of cash
  • the passport


Step 1

You can get to Arkhangelsk by intercity trains following through this city, there are 78 of them, 6 of them are branded. The schedule must be clarified in advance, since in the summer season, for example, additional routes are launched or trailed cars are added.

Step 2

It is possible to choose the most convenient route from your settlement. Basically, the general scheme is as follows - you need to get first to the nearest regional center, and then from the railway station to go to Arkhangelsk.

Step 3

You should find out about the availability of tickets in advance, they can be booked, as well as ordered electronically.

Step 4

With the help of special resources, it is quite easy to see the cost of the trip and the estimated travel time.

Step 5

From larger cities of regional significance, you can get to Arkhangelsk by air. Two airports have been built here: Vaskovo, which is used for intra-regional transportation and military purposes, and Talagi, which is a first-class international airport.

Step 6

Different airlines operate flights to different destinations: • airBaltic in Riga (seasonal flights);

• Avianov in Moscow (Sheremetyevo airport), as well as in St. Petersburg;

• Nordavia to the airports of Amderma and Amderma-2 (Nenets Autonomous District), as well as the cities of Kotlas, Leshukonskoe, Moscow (Sheremetyevo), Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, St. Petersburg, Solovki, Tromso, Usinsk and Helsinki. Seasonal in Anapa, Sochi and Antalya;

• "JSC Russia" in St. Petersburg;

• UTair in Moscow (Vnukovo airport) and Naryan-Mar;

• Orenburg Airlines carries out charter flights to Sharm el-Sheikh;

• Red Wings Airlines - charter flights to Antalya.

Step 7

From the airport, you can get to Arkhangelsk either by using the services of a shuttle bus, or with the help of a private taxi and official taxi companies.

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