ABBA Museum In Stockholm: Visitor Tips

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ABBA Museum In Stockholm: Visitor Tips
ABBA Museum In Stockholm: Visitor Tips

Video: ABBA Museum In Stockholm: Visitor Tips

Video: ABBA Museum In Stockholm: Visitor Tips
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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is famous for its variety of museums: history, art, natural science and many others. The ABBA Group Museum (ABBA The Museum), which opened in Stockholm on May 7, 2013, will be interesting to visit for everyone who loves the work of this wonderful group, as well as knows and appreciates foreign pop music of the second half of the twentieth century.

ABBA Museum in Stockholm: Visitor Tips
ABBA Museum in Stockholm: Visitor Tips


Step 1

How to get there, opening hours of the museum, ticket prices

The ABBA Group Museum is located on one of Stockholm's islands - Djurgården Island. The address of the museum is Djurgårdsvägen, 68. If you walk from the Royal Palace, the walk will take 35-30 minutes (2.5 km). The dark yellow building of the museum is quite small and inconspicuous - if it were not for the sign, it is quite possible to pass by.

Museum phone number: +46812132860. Official site -

During the summer period (March to September), the ABBA Museum is open from 10.00 to 20.00, and the rest of the time from 10.00 to 18.00. You should be aware that the opening hours may change, information is updated on the official website of the museum.

The cost of one ticket for an adult is 195 SEK, for a child 7-15 years old - 65 SEK. In addition, there is a cashier fee of SEK 20 per visitor. The ticket office also offers to use the services of an audio guide (in eight different languages, including Russian), the cost of this service is 40 kroons. The audio guide is very convenient: it is an oblong box, somewhat reminiscent of a flat telephone receiver, which is hung on a strap around the neck; when this box is brought to a round reading device (there are many of them in the museum in different places of the exposition), activation occurs, and by holding the audio guide to your ear, you can listen to information about a particular exhibit. In total, together with the box office and the audio guide, the ticket price is: adult - 255 Swedish kronor, children - 115 Swedish kronor. Having found out the exchange rate of the kroon to the ruble, you can calculate the cost of the excursion in local currency. Important: cash is not accepted for payment at the museum's ticket office - only payment cards.

Tickets should be kept not only during the visit to the museum, but also after: on the ABBA museum website, using the ticket number, within a month after the tour, you can download audio and video files of your creative experiments in the museum. And in the museum itself, various interactive devices and entertainment are activated using a barcode.

Step 2

Allocate sufficient time to visit the museum

When planning a visit to the ABBA group museum, you need to allocate at least half a day, and ideally a whole day, since you simply will not be able to quickly run through the halls and inspect the exposition: here you need to immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere of the 70s-80s of the last century, tune in to a certain wave, to become a participant in a show, a sound engineer or a performer of famous songs of the ABBA group.

Step 3

What to watch

First of all, attention is drawn to the concert outfits of the members of the ABBA group, the emphasis is on several versions of costumes for the song "Waterloo", with which the group won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.

Musical instruments are widely represented in the ABBA Museum - guitars, keyboards by Bjorn and Benny, as well as mixing consoles and microphones. Here you can also see the complete collection of ABBA vinyl discs ever released in different countries, including the USSR.

Of great interest are the personal belongings of the artists - for example, the dressing rooms of Agnetta and Frida recreated to the smallest detail: with outfits for the performance hung on hangers, cosmetics and accessories laid out on the table as each of them preferred, glasses for wine and cups for coffee - in short, it looks as if the ABBA soloists are about to come here to get ready for the concert.

In one of the halls of the museum, on a brightly lit stage, there are wax figures of the ABBA soloists - Benny, Frida, Agnetta and Bjorn, executed with amazing accuracy and reliability - so much so that at first they can be mistaken for real artists. This is a truly mesmerizing sight!

The cars used by the group members are also impressive, and the designers used only fragments of these cars, masterfully fitting them into the reproduced landscape.

The ABBA Museum also has a helicopter - a small transparent helicopter, in which the Swedish four are photographed on the cover of one of their most famous CDs, "Arrival". You can not only see this helicopter, but also sit in it and take a picture.

Step 4

Things to do

To entertain visitors and immerse them in the atmosphere of creativity of the ABBA group, there are many different kinds of entertainment. For example, by activating your ticket, you can sing one of the songs of the karaoke group in a special room, and then download an audio recording of your performance on the website.

Of interest is the sound engineering console, where everyone is given the opportunity to create their own version of the famous hit of the ABBA group. The result can then also be listened to and downloaded on the site.

You can even sing and dance on stage in a virtual company of the group's soloists, that is, how to become the fifth member of ABBA - and then download a video file.

A telephone is installed in one of the rooms of the museum - it looks like the most ordinary one. But at any moment one of the four members of the ABBA group can call this phone, and the visitor to the museum who is next to the phone at that moment can pick up the phone and talk to Bjorn, Benny, Agnetta or Frida! So it's worth preparing a short speech in advance - just in case.

At the end of the tour, you can buy all kinds of souvenirs in the lobby - as a gift or just as a keepsake.

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