How To Leave For The Czech Republic

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How To Leave For The Czech Republic
How To Leave For The Czech Republic

Video: How To Leave For The Czech Republic

Video: How To Leave For The Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and many people want to move there. How to do this, what awaits foreigners there, what are the rules in this state? The Czech Republic is not a paradise for foreigners, but the generally accepted laws and rules in Europe make life in the Czech Republic comfortable and quite predictable. There are several options for obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic.

How to leave for the Czech Republic
How to leave for the Czech Republic


Step 1

You can move to the Czech Republic for education. Education in higher education institutions in the Czech language is free. To begin with, you enter the preparatory courses for learning the Czech language. You are issued a document for obtaining an annual university for a student at the consulate of the Czech Republic. Young people, having received education in the Czech Republic, easily adapt and in the future have no problems with employment. The cost of studying in the Czech Republic is less than it would be in America, since the cost of living is lower, which is a big plus.

Step 2

You can get a work visa. This option is suitable for specialists who speak Czech or English at least at a communicative level. The developing Czech market attracts specialists from all over the world. IT industry specialists are in great demand. In this case, it is very simple and easy to obtain a visa. The visa is issued for 2, 5 years.

Step 3

Business visa. This is the most common option for immigration to the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, the registration and maintenance of a company is relatively small.

Step 4

The big plus of this option is that you will not depend on third parties. There are many credit programs in the Czech Republic, a convenient tax policy. In addition, family members of the owner of the company and its founders can move legally.

Step 5

It will take 10 days to register a company and will cost 2,000 euros. Any foreigner can buy an apartment since 2009. One square meter of housing in Prague in a new building costs 1200 euros. Unlike Russia, the apartments are sold fully equipped, there is even kitchen furniture.

Step 6

A foreigner who has a company must pay for social and health insurance. The amount of insurance is about 400 euros. With health insurance, a foreigner can receive medical care free of charge in any medical institution in the Czech Republic.

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