How To Get To Warsaw

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How To Get To Warsaw
How To Get To Warsaw
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For four hundred years, Warsaw has been the officially recognized capital of Poland. Magnificent architecture, numerous museums, cozy restaurants on the Vistula embankment - all this makes the city attractive for tourists.

How to get to Warsaw
How to get to Warsaw


Step 1

If you decide to delight yourself with a trip to Warsaw, you will need a standard Schengen visa. To obtain it, be prepared to contact the Polish Embassy, ​​having with you an identity card, a passport, medical insurance, confirmation of a hotel reservation, confirmation of your solvency and readiness to return to Russia. There are no special restrictions or additional difficulties in obtaining tourist visas for Russian citizens.

Step 2

Getting to Warsaw is quite simple, the road does not take much time, you can choose the mode of transport that suits you.

The most popular are air travel, train travel and bus travel.

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Flights from Moscow are carried out on a daily basis by both Russian and Polish airlines. The flight duration is about one and a half hours.

Step 4

If you have made a choice in favor of traveling by train, then you can choose either the direct Moscow-Warsaw train, which departs twice a day, or any of the passing trains. Travel time on a direct flight will be about 20 hours, on passing trains - several hours more.

Step 5

For those who prefer a bus trip, difficulties in purchasing tickets are also not expected. All buses heading to Germany pass through Poland, many of them pass through Warsaw. The starting point in Moscow is the building of the German consulate, the journey to Warsaw will last about a day, during which time you have to overcome almost 1,300 kilometers.

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