How To Open A Visa In The UAE

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How To Open A Visa In The UAE
How To Open A Visa In The UAE

The East … it constantly beckons to itself. And if you have already been there, then you want to come back again and again, discovering exotic countries. To travel to the United Arab Emirates, you need to open a visa to this country. The procedure itself is not very complicated, but there is never a guarantee that the receipt of the document will go through without problems.

How to open a visa in the UAE
How to open a visa in the UAE


Step 1

If you are going on vacation, a visa is opened by a travel agency or sponsor (a legal company, an individual or a hotel), who have the right to apply for registration. If the "sponsor" is a hotel, a certain amount must be paid in advance for hotel accommodation. Nobody will send you a confirmation of your reservation without prepayment. But the issuance of a visa is based on this document.

Step 2

Another way to simplify the procedure is to fly with Emirates. This company will take care of your problem after you send copies of all the necessary documents listed on its website. A visa is issued by the UAE Immigration Service.

Step 3

To open a visa you need:

- Application for obtaining a document from everyone, including children.

- Color, clearly scanned copy of the first page of the international passport. A fuzzy copy may result in a visa refusal.

- One clearly scanned copy of a color photograph of a tourist, size 4, 5x5, 5 cm.

- Reliably filled in personal data. Unreliable may result in rejection.

Also prepare copies of all valid or expired visas to other countries, they may come in handy.

Step 4

A visa is not required for children under the age of 14 registered in the parents' passport. The child's photo must be pasted into the passport upon reaching the age of 6. If a child who is under 18 years of age has different surnames from their parents, the Immigration Service has the right to request a copy of his birth certificate in addition.

Step 5

For Russian citizens whose place of birth is in Arab states, the immigration service may request a copy of the birth certificate.

Step 6

The applicant is given a copy of the visa at the UAE Embassy to present at the airport. Upon arrival in the country, before passing through passport control, the tourist receives the original visa directly from the receiving party. But keep in mind that at the border you may be required to present an invitation or voucher and a return ticket.

Step 7

The Immigration Service, according to the rules for applying for a visa, has the right, without explaining the reasons, to refuse to issue a visa, notifying about it 24 hours before arrival in the UAE. The main reason for refusals is the "Black List", which lists persons who have committed any offenses in the UAE, as well as those wanted by Interpol.

Step 8

For women who have not reached the age of thirty, traveling unaccompanied by their father or husband, it is possible to refuse to issue an entry visa. Visas are not issued to children who travel unaccompanied by their parents. If the child is traveling with his mother (this especially applies to girls under the age of 16), unaccompanied by his father, a visa refusal is also possible.

Step 9

The maximum stay on a tourist visa in the UAE is up to 30 days. The “Entry Corridor” is 60 days. The actual length of stay in the country is equal to the number of nights booked at the hotel. The visa is single entry and cannot be extended. If a tourist has been in the country for more than 14 days, the next tourist visa can be opened 30 days after departure from the country.

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