How To Get An Annual Visa

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How To Get An Annual Visa
How To Get An Annual Visa

Video: How To Get An Annual Visa

Video: How To Get An Annual Visa
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If a person travels often, it is very convenient to have a multiple entry visa (this is the so-called annual visa). The multivisa looks like a special mark in the passport and makes it possible to repeatedly visit the countries of the Schengen Agreement, the USA and some others. Such a document is drawn up like a regular visa, but with a number of peculiarities.

How to get an annual visa
How to get an annual visa


Step 1

Multivisa can be of several types, depending on the number of days of possible entry, the number of days of stay depends, respectively: 30 days of entry - 15 days of stay, 45 days of entry - 30 days of stay, 60 days of entry - 30 days of stay, 90 days of entry - 60 days stay, 180 days of entry - 90 days of stay, 360 days of entry - 180 days of stay. The visa must indicate the number of days of entry and residence.

Step 2

Provide the following documents: 2 matte photographs 3, 5x4, 5cm on a white background, a foreign passport valid for at least three months, a certificate of employment on a letterhead indicating the position, salary and work experience, a bank statement indicating the account balance (usually amount of at least 50,000 rubles), copies of all ever issued passports, copies of all pages of a Russian passport.

Step 3

If a child is leaving with one of the parents, it is necessary to provide a copy of the notarized consent of the other parent to take the child out. If a child is studying, a certificate from his place of study is needed.

Step 4

Provide a justification for the trip: invitation, hotel reservation, air tickets.

Step 5

Fill out the questionnaire. Pay visa and service fees. This can usually be done directly at the embassy. Visa processing takes 3 to 7 working days.

Step 6

A multivisa costs from 1000 euros. Many countries require citizens traveling on a multiple entry visa to have a medical insurance policy without a deductible and with a coverage amount of at least 30,000 euros.

Step 7

To obtain a multiple entry visa to the Schengen countries, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, you need to do the following - contact the consulate of the country where you plan to travel, and write a substantiated application there. The rationale for issuing such a visa can be an invitation from relatives, friends (by no means always an invitation from friends is taken into account, remember) or an employer.

Step 8

However, please note that an annual visa is issued only to those citizens who have previously received visas to the countries listed above.

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