What Documents Are Needed For A French Visa

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What Documents Are Needed For A French Visa
What Documents Are Needed For A French Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A French Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A French Visa
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France is one of the Schengen countries that are most favorably disposed towards tourists from Russia. The French Consulate quite often issues multiple visas to people, sometimes even at the first contact. In order to apply for a visa, you need to submit a standard package of documents for a Schengen visa.

What documents are needed for a French visa
What documents are needed for a French visa


Step 1

International passport and a photocopy of the first page on which personal data is indicated. If children are entered in the passport, then you need to make a copy of the page about children. The validity of your passport must be three months longer than the completion date of your trip. To paste a visa, you will need to have two blank pages in your passport.

Step 2

If you have old passports with visas from Schengen states, USA, Australia or Canada, you can attach them as well. This is not a mandatory requirement, but meeting it increases the chances of obtaining a visa.

Step 3

Application form completed in English or French. The applicant must personally sign it. If you are traveling with children entered in the passport, then a separate questionnaire is filled out for each of them.

Step 4

Two color photographs measuring 35 x 45 mm, taken on a light monochromatic background, without frames and corners. Glue one of them into the questionnaire.

Step 5

Fax from the hotel or a printout from the Internet with the booking confirmation, which must include all the details of the booking. Those who bought the tour must attach a confirmation: a document certified by the manager's stamp, issued on the letterhead of the travel agency.

Step 6

Those traveling to France on a private visit are shown an invitation from a French citizen and a copy of their identity document. If the inviting party has a different citizenship, then copies of documents proving the legality of his residence in the country should be shown.

Step 7

Round trip tickets. Copies of original tickets or printouts from the booking site will do.

Step 8

A certificate from work, which should indicate that for the duration of the trip the person was granted leave with the preservation of the workplace. It must be issued on a letterhead, indicating all the details of the enterprise, with the signature of the chief director. Translation of the reference is not required. Individual entrepreneurs provide a certificate of registration and registration with the tax office, as well as copies of these documents.

Step 9

An account statement, on which there must be funds at the rate of at least 50 euros per day of stay in the country. Instead, you can bring a certificate on the 2-NDFL form, a certificate of a savings account, or a tax return. If you don't have enough money, you need to prepare a sponsorship letter and all financial documents, including a certificate of employment, in the name of the sponsor.

Step 10

Insurance policy. Electronic policies are not accepted. The insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries. The amount of coverage is 30 thousand euros. The duration of the policy must be the same as the length of stay.

Step 11

Copies of all pages of the internal passport, even blank ones.

Step 12

Signed consent to the processing of personal data. You can download the form in advance on the website of the French Visa Application Center, or you can get it and fill it out right when submitting the documents.

Step 13

Pensioners must attach a copy of the pension certificate, students - a certificate from the educational institution.

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