What Documents Are Needed For A UK Visa

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What Documents Are Needed For A UK Visa
What Documents Are Needed For A UK Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A UK Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A UK Visa
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Russian citizens will need a visa to travel to the UK. Rumor has it that it is very difficult to get it, but in reality, visas are issued to the absolute majority of applicants from the Russian Federation. Remember that Britain is not part of the Schengen area, so a Schengen visa is useless to visit it.

What documents are needed for a UK visa
What documents are needed for a UK visa


Step 1

Passport valid at the time of intended entry into the UK. There must be two free pages in it so that the officer can paste the visa. You will also need to make a copy of the first page of the passport, which contains personal data. If you are applying in Moscow, then you will need to make copies of absolutely all pages of your passport (according to the new requirements). If you have old passports, be sure to attach them, having previously removed copies of all their pages.

Step 2

Visa application form completed in English. You can fill it out only on the website of the country's Migration Service. Once you are done, you will be prompted to print the application form and pay the visa processing fee. You can pay only by card and only on the website, there are no other ways to deposit money. After payment, you can choose the time of the visit to submit documents to the visa center. An invitation for a visit must also be printed out and taken with you. Sign the application form in the indicated place. Attach a fresh photo of 3, 5 x 4, 5 cm to the application form.

Step 3

Financial documents. These can include a variety of papers. Be sure to provide an account statement showing the movement of funds for the last three months. At the time of submission of documents, there must be a balance on the account, which will be enough for the trip, this is an amount based on at least 60 pounds for each day of the trip. The entire amount must be no less than what you indicated in the application form as the cost of your entire trip to Britain. Also attach a certificate from the place of work, made on letterhead, which indicates your position, salary, contact details and names of the director and chief accountant of the company. The certificate must be issued on letterhead and stamped. Individual entrepreneurs must provide photocopies of certificates of tax registration and registration of individual entrepreneurs.

Step 4

Non-working persons must prove their income or provide a sponsorship letter and financial documents in the name of the sponsor. An example of income can be a pension: in this case, you should show a copy of the pension certificate and a certificate of receipt of the pension or an extract from the account to which it comes. Students must, among other things, provide a certificate from the school.

Step 5

Confirmation of the purpose of the stay. If you indicated tourism in the application form, then you need to attach either a copy of the voucher from the host travel company accredited in the UK, or hotel reservations for the entire duration of the trip. You can also attach a certificate of lease of real estate or an invitation from the host - a resident of the UK. An invitation is a letter that indicates the purpose of your trip, the degree of kinship or other relationship that connects the tourist with the host. In this case, you need to show documents that prove that the inviting person is a legal resident of the United Kingdom.

Step 6

If you have other documents that indirectly confirm your financial well-being or testify to ties with your homeland, attach them too. Certificates of ownership of securities, real estate or a car can talk about your finances, and certificates of marriage or birth of children can talk about connections.

Step 7

In order to issue a visa for a child (a person under the age of 18), or he was registered in the visa of one of the parents, you need a birth certificate and a copy of it, as well as a notarized consent to export abroad. If a child travels with one of the parents, then the second must give consent, and if at all without them, then consent from both will be required.

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