How To Get A Spanish Visa

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How To Get A Spanish Visa
How To Get A Spanish Visa

Video: How To Get A Spanish Visa

Video: How To Get A Spanish Visa
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A visa to Spain is opened for six months and with a stay of no more than ninety days. Citizens of Russia, provided that they have permanent registration and work in the Russian Federation, can independently submit the necessary documents for a Schengen visa to Spain to obtain a visa through visa centers.

How to get a Spanish visa
How to get a Spanish visa


Step 1

At the reception points of the Spanish Embassy, you will receive free application forms.

Step 2

Take a picture specially for the questionnaire, having previously familiarized yourself with the requirements for a photo for a visa.

Step 3

Carefully fill out the application for a visa to Spain.

Step 4

Collect all the necessary documents for each member of the trip:

1. Obligatory completed application forms (with two color photos attached);

2. Original and copy of a valid and old passport (copies of all pages are required);

3. A copy of the internal (Russian) passport;

4. Certificate from your place of work with all contact details and salary;

5. Bank statement on the state of your account (at the rate of about 60 euros per day per person);

6. Booking of air tickets and hotels (or invitation);

7. Health insurance policy (be sure to stock up on a duplicate, as the original may not be returned);

8. For non-working ladies, you will need a sponsorship letter from the husband stating that he will cover all expenses.

Step 5

After you receive an invitation for an interview, you need to start preparing for it. Think about exactly what questions a consular specialist may ask you, who is obliged to suspect anyone receiving a visa of attempting to immigrate. Your task is to assure him that you have no such intentions.

Step 6

Smile, be relaxed, and be kind during the interview. Questions should be answered briefly and clearly.

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