How To Get A Visa To Norway

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How To Get A Visa To Norway
How To Get A Visa To Norway

Video: How To Get A Visa To Norway

Video: How To Get A Visa To Norway
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If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and decide to visit Norway, you will need a Schengen visa. You can get a visa through the travel agency where you purchase the tour, or on your own by contacting the Consular Section of the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, the Consulate General in St. Petersburg or Murmansk, or the Honorary Consulate in Arkhangelsk. The visa application form is filled out on the consulate website. There is no preliminary appointment, documents are submitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to get a visa to Norway
How to get a visa to Norway


  • - a passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of return from the trip;
  • - a copy of the spread of the passport;
  • - a questionnaire completed online on the consulate website;
  • - color photograph, 3x4cm;
  • - a photocopy of the spread of the internal passport and the page with the registration;
  • - original and copy of the health insurance policy valid in the territory of the Schengen countries. The coverage must be at least EUR 30,000;
  • - a certificate from the employer on the letterhead of the organization indicating the position and salary.
  • Confirmation of the availability of funds necessary for the trip, at the rate of 50 euros per person per day;
  • - students need to attach a certificate from the educational institution and a copy of the student card;
  • - pensioners must present a copy of the pension certificate;
  • - all non-working citizens need to provide a sponsorship letter from a relative sponsoring the trip, a photocopy of the spread of his internal passport and a certificate from the place of work on letterhead indicating the position and salary;
  • - confirmation of hotel reservation for the entire stay. It can be original, copy, fax, printouts from the Internet;
  • - round trip tickets;
  • - description of the route of the trip in English, Norwegian or Swedish;
  • - if the trip is planned by a private car, you need international insurance - Green Card, a copy of a driver's license and a copy of a technical passport.


Step 1

Before you start filling out the questionnaire, you need to register on the site. Your personal information will be stored in the database of the consular department and can be used when applying for a visa in the future.

Step 2

It is necessary to fill out the questionnaire in English. After you fill out the application form and pay the consular fee using a bank card, it will be automatically sent to the consular department, and you can choose a convenient time for an appointment at the consulate.

Step 3

For Minor Travelers For children under 18, the same rules apply as for adults. A separate questionnaire must be filled out for each child. A copy of the birth certificate must be attached to the main package of documents, even if the child has an internal and foreign passport. If the children are entered in the passport of one of the parents, a separate visa will be glued into this passport. Children who have reached the age of 14 are required to have a personal passport.

Step 4

In the case of a child traveling accompanied by one of the parents or a third person, a notarized power of attorney is required for the removal of the child from the second parent or parents and its photocopy, as well as a copy of the spread of the principal's internal passport.

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