What To Bring From Hungary

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What To Bring From Hungary
What To Bring From Hungary

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Video: What To Bring From Hungary
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Your vacation in Hungary is coming to an end, and you still have not acquired memorable purchases and numerous souvenirs intended for close friends and family. Then you should immediately go to the nearest flea market, a large supermarket or an antique quarter. Hungary has something to buy, something to bring home as a reminder of the trip.

What to bring from Hungary
What to bring from Hungary

Traditional souvenirs

In Budapest, for a very modest price, you will be able to bargain real works of Hungarian art, copies of famous world brands, gizmos made in the form of dishes from the famous Herend, Pecs or Zsolnaysky factories, which can hardly leave indifferent adherents of exotic glass and national motives.

It is curious that in Hungary the prices for non-food products are higher the further the city is from the capital.

Vases, plates, majolica and even dolls, which glorified this land more than two centuries ago and made it an object of hunting for valuable home decor items made in porcelain or ceramics, amaze the imagination of the layman.

Hungary is a real paradise for lovers of antiques and handicrafts. Local textile workers offer a huge selection of household items of tablecloths, napkins, bookmarks for books, elegant curtains, magnificent lace, all kinds of national costumes decorated with traditional ornaments.


Hungary is also renowned for its gastronomic delights; you will never regret grabbing a couple of bundles of festively decorated peppers, which are an integral part of Hungarian national cuisine.

The country is also known for its wonderful sausages, the most famous of which is Pick salami, wrapped in a shell made in the national Hungarian colors. She will surely delight you and your loved ones upon arrival at home.

If you want to please your child - then your choice of marzipan products, all kinds of figurines of animals and people, shapeless masses, ready both for use and for creativity, will amuse adults and children with a variety of colors and fruit flavors.


How not to mention alcoholic beverages, a bottle of real Hungarian wine Tokaj made from grapes of the same family harvested in different seasons, Palinka fruit vodka or the famous herbal balsam Unicum will surprise you with its tastes and make you remember the time spent in this country more than once.

A wonderful memory of the trip will be the Rubik's cube, invented, by the way, by a local sculptor, after whom this puzzle got its name.

Supporters of traditional shopping will surely be attracted by the low prices for crazy clothes and products of the cosmetics industry. Here you should pay attention to perfume, which, according to experienced tourists, exceeds all expectations and is distinguished by a huge variety and a democratic approach to pricing. Bring a couple of bottles for yourself and your friends.

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