How To Make A Fire Without Matches

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How To Make A Fire Without Matches
How To Make A Fire Without Matches

Video: How To Make A Fire Without Matches

Video: How To Make A Fire Without Matches
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Fire is a critical factor in your survival in almost any terrain. It will keep you warm, dry your clothes, help you prepare food and purify water by boiling it. There are a huge number of methods for producing fire that do not depend on natural conditions. To start a fire without using matches, you can use the following methods.

How to make a fire without matches
How to make a fire without matches


Step 1

Prepare dry, flammable materials before lighting a fire without using matches. Cover them from rain or wind. Good materials for making a fire can be scraps of clothing, rot, twine, palm leaves, shavings or sawdust, plant lint, and bird feathers. To store them for future use, place some in a waterproof bag.

Step 2

Sun and lens.

A convex lens, a camera lens, binoculars, a mirror can all be used to focus the sun's rays at a specific point.

Step 3

Flint and flint is the fastest and most reliable way to ignite dry material. Instead of flint, you can use a solid piece of stone or the corresponding side of a matchbox. Hold the flint next to the tinder and then hit it against the blade of a knife or some other block of steel. Strike in such a way that the sparks being cut fall into the center of the tinder. When smoke comes out, blow lightly on it. You can also add any fuel to the tinder.

Step 4


The principle of making a fire is the same as in the previous method. Only the spark needs to be directed to the gunpowder (obtained, for example, from a cartridge), which was sprinkled on the kindling.

Step 5

Bow and drill.

Make a small, elastic bow; you can use a string, rope or belt as a bowstring. Use it to twist dry wood in a small hole made in another block of wood. As a result, you should get black dust, from which a spark will appear over time.

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