What Is The Weather In Greece In March

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What Is The Weather In Greece In March
What Is The Weather In Greece In March
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With the arrival of March, nature in Greece comes to life, early flowers bloom on the islands and the south of the country, the grass turns green. In the first month of spring, the air temperature rises rapidly, the weather is increasingly pleasing with sunny days.

What is the weather in Greece in March
What is the weather in Greece in March

What March in Greece

In the first spring month, the air in Greece warms up to + 18-20 degrees during the day and up to + 10-12 degrees at night. It rains relatively rarely and for a short time at this time. In early March, the sea is still cold. Even for hardened people, water with a temperature of +15 degrees is not so comfortable.

The shores of Greece are washed by three seas at once: the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean.

For this reason, the beach season in Greece with the arrival of sunny days has not yet arrived. However, sunbathing this month is quite possible: the warm Greek sun will give you a golden tan. Those wishing to swim in the sea should come to Greece not in March, but a little later - in May. On the islands, the beach season starts in April. Meanwhile, by the end of March it is getting warmer and there are many daredevils who are eager to open the bathing season as soon as possible.

Some days in March can be quite windy, but the air masses are not as cold as they are in winter.

What to do in March in Greece

You should not be discouraged on windy days that sometimes happen in March, because such weather will give the tourist the opportunity to look into a local restaurant and make a culinary discovery by ordering one of the dishes of Greek cuisine. Moreover, in March, the menus in local catering establishments delight with their low prices.

In early spring, many beauty salons and spas attract with seasonal discounts. You can spend the whole day in them, pampering your body with a series of wellness procedures.

In mid-March, concert halls and amusement parks come to life, which are in a hurry to please their guests with new programs and shows.

The sunny weather that prevails in Greece in March is incredibly attractive for lovers of outdoor activities and long walks along the streets. This time is ideal for local sightseeing. Warm air, aromas of blossoming flowers and leaves, clear sky - all this contributes to an excellent mood and getting vivid emotions from contemplating the heritage of architecture and culture of Greece.

If you want to walk along the Acropolis in Athens or the Temple of Olympian Zeus, when crowds of tourists do not walk on them, it makes sense to go on vacation to Greece just in March.

Easter sometimes falls at the end of March. In Greece, this day is a public holiday. He is celebrated with all his heart: colorful parades, mass festivities are held in the country, the Greeks prepare traditional dishes. Locals sincerely have fun and rejoice, and also want to amuse everyone around them.

Which Greek resorts are better to go to in March

The choice of a resort depends on the purpose of the trip. If you are heading to Greek resorts in March for warmth, choose the islands. It is always 2-4 degrees warmer there than on the mainland. In March, you can safely buy a tour to Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete.

If beach entertainment is not the main thing for you, and you want to join the Hellenic architecture and culture, feel the spirit of antiquity, choose Athens and Thessaloniki for your vacation.

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