How To See Our Planet

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How To See Our Planet
How To See Our Planet
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There is a simple and cheap way that allows you to take a look at the mortal earth at a glance - to close your eyes and imagine a blue ball frozen in the endless cosmic void. Another thing is that the impressions from this dull after the first two or three times, and intuition suggests that you can get much more impressions from the contemplation of the planet. Therefore, for everyone who wants to see planet Earth, we have prepared a few more interesting ways.

How to see our planet
How to see our planet


Step 1

The first is to look at the world through the eyes of a webcam. The presence of services such as or makes distance even less of an obstacle. With a computer with Internet access at hand, you can freely observe the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Abbey Road or even some penguins in the Düsseldorf Zoo. However, not so freely, because the image quality often leaves much to be desired, and there may be no sound at all. Not to mention the fact that not every webcam can be controlled. But it's a sin to complain, that's why it is a budget option.

Step 2

The second is a different kind of travel, and your impressions will depend on the angle from which you want to see the planet. Will it be a trip to Chernobyl? Or maybe a hitchhiker in the European Union? Sex tour? Hike to the top of Elbrus? There are many options, so think carefully before, by inertia, go to the usual Egypt or Turkey. And don't forget that traveling is a much more expensive undertaking than lazy webcam viewing of the world's sights.

Step 3

The third is the most non-trivial. Imagine that you nevertheless closed your eyes, opened your eyes and saw that very blue ball among the endless cosmic void. Only all this is not a figment of your imagination, but the most that neither is reality. How is this possible? Ask Dennis Tito, Richard Garriott, Charles Simonyi, and the other lucky ones who are fortunate enough to be space tourists. However, this method is not only the most non-trivial, but also the most expensive. For example, Dennis Tito had to fork out $ 20 million for a trip into space. Therefore, everyone who decided to fulfill a long-standing boyish (or quite a girl's) dream should, to put it mildly, tighten their wallets tighter. However, something tells the author of these lines, it's worth it.

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