What Is The Climate In Hurghada

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What Is The Climate In Hurghada
What Is The Climate In Hurghada
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The azure beaches of the Red Sea are a priority destination for travelers looking for the perfect vacation. The famous seaside resort of Hurghada, located in the northern part of Egypt, is suitable for a comfortable holiday all year round.

What is the climate in Hurghada
What is the climate in Hurghada


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Located at 27 ° 9 'north latitude and 33 ° 43' east longitude, Hurghada has a tropical desert climate favorable for recreation. The Mediterranean Sea has a continental climate.

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Rain in the desert

The tropical air of the resort of Hurghada is rightfully considered healthy, with a low degree of air humidity (40-50%). During the year, no more than 5 mm of precipitation falls here. Almost all the declared amount of rain falls in the short autumn period (October, November). In the rest of the months, there is little or no rainfall in the Hurghada region.

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Egyptian winter - affectionate vigor

In winter, the climate of Hurghada is fresher. The water temperature fluctuates around 20 ° C. During the winter New Year holidays, a cool wind blows in this part of Egypt, and in January at night the dry air cools down sometimes below 15 ° C. At the same time, sunny, but not too hot weather remains during the day. The temperature is kept at the level of 20-23 ° C. Such differences are justified by the high position of Hurghada above sea level (22 m) and at the same time by the proximity of the desert.

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Summer in Hurghada for the whole family

The main tourist flow to the region is in the summer months. During this period, the air temperature in Hurghada reaches its maximum levels. However, it continues to remain in easily portable positions of 30–33оС, which is very loyal in the desert conditions of Egypt as a whole. Sometimes June / July temperatures can jump under forty. But even the hottest day in Hurghada will not be tiresome due to the lack of humidity. Summer night temperatures drop at least 26 degrees Celsius, which frees tourists from having to pack extra warm things in their luggage. In summer, sea water heats up to 28 ° C (average water temperature for July). A vacation in Hurghada in the summer is especially recommended for families with small children, because the little ones will be able to splash around in the warm sea.

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The various climatic conditions of the region's pronounced seasonality make it possible to take into account any preferences of tourists from all over the world, whose flow to Hurghada increases from year to year. By choosing the time to travel according to individual preferences, you can achieve the desired resort experience regardless of the weather.

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The best time to visit the country is considered to be autumn and spring. In winter, the winds in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh may not be very comfortable. At the same time, for excursions to Luxor and Cairo is the best time.

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