The Most Interesting Museums In The World

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The Most Interesting Museums In The World
The Most Interesting Museums In The World
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When the word "museum" is used, some people automatically associate with the Hermitage, the Louvre, the British Museum, the Prado Gallery in Madrid, the Dresden Art Gallery, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Kremlin Armory and some other treasures of art. Indeed, these are the most famous and popular museums. However, there are many other museums in the world that also attract the attention of visitors.

The most interesting museums in the world
The most interesting museums in the world


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There are few museums in the world dedicated to a single "hero" - be it a real historical person or some inanimate object. One of the most interesting of these museums is the famous Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet) in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It displays the sailing ship "Vasa", which sank at the very first attempt to sail from the Stockholm harbor in front of many eyewitnesses. The mighty and very beautiful ship, which was supposed to ensure the domination of Sweden in the Baltic Sea, became an unwitting victim of the august customer - the king, who changed its dimensions during construction, because of which the sailboat became unstable and capsized in a gust of strong wind. The ship has been at the bottom for over 300 years. Only in 1961 was it raised to the surface. After several years of difficult restoration work, "Vasa" was placed in an "eternal parking" in a museum under the roof. This is the only surviving ship of the 17th century, and almost 95% of its structural elements are genuine!

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Residents and guests of another European capital - Lisbon - will surely get a great impression by visiting the National Museum of the Carriages. It is located in the premises of the former arena. There is a rich collection of horse-drawn carriages, including royal carriages, which are a real miracle of art. And the ceiling of the museum, painted with huge frescoes by the best Portuguese artists, makes a great impression on art lovers.

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History buffs (though with strong nerves of steel) will undoubtedly be interested in the famous Museum of Torture in The Hague, located in a former prison. A wide variety of devices are exhibited there, with the help of which interrogations were carried out with partiality.

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In St. Petersburg, along with such world famous museums as the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, etc., there is a wonderful Museum of Butterflies. Its exhibits are amazingly beautiful tropical butterflies from different parts of the Earth, which fly freely throughout the room and even sit on visitors.

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And in Tula, famous for its masters, there is a museum of samovars. There is a rich collection of these household items, which were very popular until recently.

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