What Is The Currency In Israel

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What Is The Currency In Israel
What Is The Currency In Israel
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Despite the fact that the dollar and the euro today are the world's main means of payment, when visiting different countries, tourists have to exchange their usual banknotes for the national currency. What kind of money is circulating in Israel?

What is the currency in Israel
What is the currency in Israel


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In Israel, the current national currency is the new Israeli shekel, a currency that was introduced into circulation on September 4, 1985. It is called the new Israeli shekel, as opposed to the old shekel, which circulated in Israel from February 24, 1980 until the introduction of the new currency. In addition to Israel, you can pay with this money in the neighboring territory - the Palestinian Authority.

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Determine which coins and banknotes are in circulation in order to ask the exchange office for those means of payment that will be most convenient for you to pay. One new Israeli shekel consists of 100 small coins, each of which is called "agora". Today in Israel there are coins in denominations of 10 agoras, 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 10 shekels and banknotes in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200 shekels.

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Clarify how the modern Israeli currency is designated and looks. Remember that in the international classifiers of currencies, the monetary unit of this country is fully called the "new Israeli shekel" and is denoted by the abbreviation NIS. This abbreviation is well known in Israel itself and is used to denote the shekel, for example, in exchange offices. Look on the Internet for pictures showing banknotes and coins of various denominations. This will allow you to quickly navigate the exchange of currencies and avoid possible fraud.

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If you are planning to visit Israel, contact an exchange office on the territory of the Russian Federation in order to exchange the amount of Russian rubles that you intend to take with you on your trip into dollars or euros. The need for such a preparatory operation is due to the fact that it is rather difficult to buy a new Israeli shekel directly on the territory of Russia. Therefore, you will have to make such a double exchange, and the second part of the operation will need to be done already in Israel.

Step 5

Once in Israel, find an exchange office where you can buy new Israeli shekels for the dollars or euros you have. At the same time, exchange offices often accept other common world currencies, for example, British pounds, as well as banknotes of neighboring states, for example, Jordanian dinars.

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