Where Is Disneyland In America

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Where Is Disneyland In America
Where Is Disneyland In America
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In the California state of Anaheim (USA), there is one of the fabulous countries where cartoon characters ever created by the Walt Disney Company come to life. It is called Disneyland. This is a place where you can relax for all family members, make an unforgettable journey through time.

Where is Disneyland in America
Where is Disneyland in America

How the tale began …

While walking with his daughters in Griffith Park (Los Angeles), Walt Disney thought about the idea of ​​creating a place where not only children, but also parents could have fun. An additional impetus for the creation of the park was his father's memories of the Chicago Exhibition of 1893. It featured attractions showing the different stages of human development in different countries.

In July 1955, the gates of the first theme park opened in front of visitors, with a recreated fairy-tale world and its heroes. Both children and adults are happy to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of miracles.

What to visit in Walt Disney Country

The main street starts right at the entrance to the fairyland. Various shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas located on it are made in the style of the Midwest of the early twentieth century. You can ride a horse-drawn carriage or an old car.

The Adventureland Zone captures the richness of the jungle greens of South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. An entertaining journey takes place on a steamer along a river similar to the Amazon. You can walk the path of Indiana Jones, or feel like Tarzan by visiting a tree house.

The frontier country (Frontierland) introduces the era of the Wild West. Allows you to see and feel the way of life, typical for the times of colonization. Unforgettable, vivid impressions await on the "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad". These are tunnels, rocks, the world of gold diggers. You can visit the island of Tom Sawyer, "The Lair of the Pirates" and others.

In Bear Country (now Animal Country) guests descend from Splash Mountain by boat. All the way 1, 5 km is surrounded by wild nature, you can hear the roar of a bear. The adventure ends with a fall into a pond from a height of 15 m.

In the land of fantasy, Disney heroes meet. In the center of the medieval Bavarian town stands the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is a country where the dreams of young visitors can come true.

New Orleans Square is famous for its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The town of Mickey Mouse is home to popular characters created by Disney. The Country of the Future is no less attractive. You can repeat the path of Nemo, fly for a month, arrange a race in a car. Thrill seekers will love the California Adventure Park. And admirers of water procedures can visit the water parks.

A narrow-gauge railway has been laid around this fabulous country of childhood, along the railway of which an old train runs.

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