Aquapark In Maryino - Rest Day And Night

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Aquapark In Maryino - Rest Day And Night
Aquapark In Maryino - Rest Day And Night
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Water parks in Moscow are not too numerous and varied in the style of entertainment complexes located there, but among them there are special centers that delight children and their parents. For example, the water park in Maryino, waiting for guests day and night.

Aquapark in Maryino - rest day and night
Aquapark in Maryino - rest day and night

Possibilities of the water park in Maryino for holding children's parties

The water park in Maryino, as a whole complex of entertainment, provides many opportunities for organizing children's parties. Here you do not have to worry about the safety of the child, as professional lifeguards and educators work in the water park. All equipment and attractions in Maryino are new and meet safety standards.

Animators will help you create the most fun and interesting entertainment program for children. The water park is divided into several recreation areas, which are stylized and decorated for the continents: America, Antarctica and Africa. For the celebration, you can choose any of them.

What the water park offers to adults and older children

In the water park Maryino there is an opportunity to have fun not only for children, but also for adults, especially since the center is waiting for guests both day and night. A special wave pool with imitation of rolling on the real sea will remind you of relaxing on a sandy shore.

As a relaxing pastime for adults, the water park also has baths, saunas, various spa programs and water-themed beauty treatments that will help you not only relax, but also improve your health.

The complex has 5 slides of various heights and degrees of extreme, so each visitor can choose the most suitable option for himself. The simplest of the slides - straight and with a slight incline - ideal for young children. The slightly more difficult Kamikaze slide is also straight, but has a steep slope, so it is better for older children to ride on it.

On the second most extreme green hill "Tabogan" there is a circle on which a person is rolling. He can already develop a high speed, so this attraction is not recommended for young children. In addition, this slide is not straight, but has a spiral shape with steep turns. True, now the Tabogan slide has changed somewhat since the opening of the park and has become safer.

You won't be able to relax on the steepest red slide "Morskoy Skat", it was created especially for fans of extreme sports. The instructors advise you to hold on to the handles very tightly and strain your neck, otherwise you can fall off the circle.

The average extreme orange Barracuda slide has the shape of an eight, but its main feature is not in the steep slopes. You have to ride in complete darkness, without being able to see and prepare for turns in advance, so this particular slide may seem the most terrible to some.

In addition to the main entertainment, there are cafes and bars in the water park. There are also photographers in Maryino who are ready to make beautiful professional photographs at any time.

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