Skopje - The Capital Of Macedonia

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Skopje - The Capital Of Macedonia
Skopje - The Capital Of Macedonia

Video: Skopje - The Capital Of Macedonia

Video: Skopje - The Capital Of Macedonia
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In 1991, with the collapse of Yugoslavia, a new, separate, parliamentary republic - Macedonia was formed. Its capital was a magnificent city located on the Vardara River - Skopje.

Skopje - the capital of Macedonia
Skopje - the capital of Macedonia

Capital of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia, formerly the southernmost part of Yugoslavia, is now an independent state located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula and has no access to the sea.

The capital of Macedonia, the city of Skopje, was founded by the Illyrians, who called it Skupi at that time. Since the 7th century, the Slavs began to settle in it.

At various times Skopje was part of Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, and was the capital of Serbia. The city has suffered severe earthquakes on several occasions.

Today the population of the capital is about half a million people, of which the Macedonians make up the majority. Serbs, Albanians and Gypsies also live in it.

Skopje landmarks

Tourists who come to Skopje enjoy a beautiful panorama. The capital meets with a cross, which was installed on the Krstovar mountain in honor of the adoption of Christianity. It was installed back in the 3rd century BC and since then this memorial sign has been protecting the city.

Public transport is well developed in Skopje, so it will not be difficult for a budget tourist to get, for example, to the center. The city has 80 bus and 4 tram lines.

It cannot be said that Skopje is a modern capital, nothing has been built or changed here for a long time, buses and trams running along the routes of old models. But with the natural and architectural beauty that this city is generously endowed with, all the old fades into the background. Travelers feel admiration for the splendor that the city lives and breathes, preserves and protects for centuries.

Walking along the streets of the city, you can come across a large number of old monuments. Kale Fortress is one of them. It is located in the center of the city on a hill in the Vardara Valley. Climbing up to the fortress, you can look at all the environs of the capital and magnificent landscapes.

Also, the city has its own zoo, of course, not the same as in Europe, today animals are going through hard times here, however volunteers are trying to improve the conditions of detention, people come here every day to clean the cages, feed the animals and donate money for restoration.

Skopje symbols

Undoubtedly, every resident of Skopje will tell about the symbol of the city, which is considered to be the stone bridge that unites the banks of the Vardar River. It was built in the 15th century, the inhabitants of the city keep the bridge and, after another destruction, restore it. In the evening, the lights that illuminate it make the landscape even more mysterious, there is a feeling of fairytale and magic, transferring tourists to a time when the latest technologies were not yet so developed, and people lived, built and enjoyed the little they had.

According to legends and numerous historical testimonies, Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, canonized and known for her charitable activities. In this regard, it has long become a tradition that every guest of the city tries to do something good and kind here.

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