Why Is It Worth Visiting Baikal?

Why Is It Worth Visiting Baikal?
Why Is It Worth Visiting Baikal?
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What do you think is so special about this place? Baikal is the deepest lake called the fresh sea. But that's not all.

Why is it worth visiting Baikal?
Why is it worth visiting Baikal?

Here are some more compelling arguments in favor of this natural attraction:

  • Unique nature. And this is not an exaggeration. The flora and fauna of the Baikal area is very diverse. For example, golomyanka fish lives here. It is 80% fat. If you lick the fish in the sun, then after a while one greasy spot will remain from it. Forest dwellers - squirrels, martens, foxes and many others sometimes go out to meet tourists themselves. One gets the feeling that you have come to visit them, and they are the hosts here. In the local forests, you can find many mushrooms, berries, and medicinal herbs. Including rare species and those listed in the Red Book. There are many fish in the lake, for every taste. And what gorgeous landscapes - mountain rivers, sandy beaches, hot springs, mountains and forests. It is difficult to compare where there is still such beauty as at Baikal. The nature here seems to be saturated with strength, power and beauty.
  • Baikal in winter is a huge natural skating rink. People from all over the country come here to go ice skating and take part in the ice regatta. The ice is so smooth and transparent that you can see the bottom. And what a space! This is not a skating rink in the next yard.
  • This is the ideal place for those who love the unusual. It has its own "Bermuda triangles", mystical places. The story of the loss of the plane in the area of ​​the sacred Shamanka rock still excites many. Scientists and just curious people from all over the country come to these places to understand the reasons for such an unusual phenomenon.

But this is far from the only case. There are many legends around Baikal, because the place is very ancient. According to statistics, lakes "live" for 10-15 years, and then dry up and disappear from the face of the Earth. But not Baikal. This place is 25 million years old and during these years there was so much. Missing researchers who tried to fly through Baikal anomalies, glowing circles, flying balls. Locals will gladly tell about legends and traditions.

Is Baikal worth visiting? I think yes. Here you can always find something interesting for yourself. Natural tourism is actively developed. In summer, they rest on sandy beaches and swim here. Such rest is in no way inferior to the sea. You can always walk through the endless forests. Admire the mountain scenery. Stay overnight with a tent.

In winter, the popularity of Lake Baikal does not decrease. Films are shot here, right on the ice. Remember the most beautiful scenes from the movie Ice? They were filmed right here, on Lake Baikal. Various ice competitions are also held here. You can just come and ride. The ice is so strong that you can safely move on it by car. And the water is crystal clear.

History lovers will love it here too. Indeed, for so many years of existence, the place has accumulated an amazing biography. And many interesting facts.

Of course, Baikal will surprise you. And, how many times you don't come there, you always discover something new. After all, this is not just a lake - it is a place of power. A place where land, forests, mountains and water merge together.

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