What To See In The Old And New City Of Split

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What To See In The Old And New City Of Split
What To See In The Old And New City Of Split
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Split is the second largest city in Croatia, but this is where you need to start your journey around this country. Split is a coastal town that is divided into old and new. The old town is mainly its pedestrian part, which retains its mysterious historical value and will delight many with its unexplored nature. It is noteworthy that it is in Split that the largest number of myths related to the history of the city have been collected. The new city is designed for parties and active modern life. Here you can find many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and almost all the beaches of the coastal city are located in its new part.

What to see in the old and new city of Split
What to see in the old and new city of Split


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Before visiting the city of Split, you need to book a hotel. The hotel will be the cheapest place to stay. The price of hostels during the tourist season can increase two to three times. It is convenient to get from the hotels anywhere in the city, but it is better to start with the old one, because the new city is a place of nightlife.

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The first thing worth visiting in the old town is "People's Square". It is here that the mixing of different eras takes place. The square was built in the middle of the fifteenth century, but its development was completed only in the nineteenth. There is a wonderful ethnographic museum on the territory of the People's Square, which is definitely worth a visit. After all, it is in it that the whole history of Croatia is hidden. Tourists will be able to feel the whole burden of the peasants' life for free and taste the dishes that the landowners ate at one time. Also, in this museum you can buy Croatian national costumes, which many tourists like.

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Another must-see in Split is the Archaeological Museum. In many ways, it is this museum that attracts many people to Croatia, because you can see many ancient sculptures in it. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of them were restored only thanks to the assumptions of historians. Here you can see what Croatian jewelry looked like in the Middle Ages and much more.

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In the evening, it is worth moving to a new city. All life in the new part of the city comes to life at night. Many clubs, bars and restaurants are ready to accept anyone, but prices can hit the wallet. For couples, the beaches of Split offer a romantic dinner with a sunset view (the minimum cost of the service is 50 euros). The most modest set includes: live music and a candlelit dinner, however, other services can be ordered with an additional charge.

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