Where To Go In August

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Where To Go In August
Where To Go In August
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Even on the territory of cold Russia, August is the most comfortable month when reservoirs warm up and harvests ripen, and for people tired of travel restrictions this month provides the widest opportunities for travel.

Swatifoss waterfall in Iceland
Swatifoss waterfall in Iceland


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There are several nuances of rest at the end of summer, firstly, August is the most expensive month for travel, so it is prudent to plan a trip in advance, purchase tickets or tours, and secondly, to the usual hot and distant resorts (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Goa, Thailand) at this time hurricanes and showers can rage, so it is better to be guided by trips to Europe.

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For European resorts, August is the high season. That is why it is noisy and crowded here at the end of summer. When planning trips to the sea in Spain or Italy, you need to take into account that this month can be very, very hot, which means that these countries are not suitable for families with children.

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The last month of summer is especially comfortable to spend in Croatia, Bulgaria or Montenegro. The mild climate, warm water and the sea inhabited by harmless living creatures will not let you get bored. By the way, in August you can go to the usual seaside cities of Ukraine and Russia.

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If you still want the real heat, go to Israel. At this time, it is dry and hot there. In addition, the water in the Dead and Red Sea warms up to a very comfortable temperature, so you can spend a lot of time in the water without harm to your health.

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Are you tired of the sea and heat? Travel to Scandinavia, in August it is quite warm, but not hot, and you can see a huge number of attractions in Belgium, the Netherlands or Sweden. In the last month of summer, you can book a bus tour of these countries to see as much as possible.

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Do you want exotic? Iceland is waiting for you. In this unique country you can see volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, beautiful fjords or huge waterfalls. The distinctive beauty of Iceland has not left a single tourist indifferent. If finances permit, after exploring Iceland, take a look at the fjords of Norway, here you will find a secluded vacation among the most beautiful Norwegian nature.

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