Where To Relax In August With Your Family

Where To Relax In August With Your Family
Where To Relax In August With Your Family
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August is the last month of school holidays, the time when the nature of Russia begins to persistently remind of autumn. Those who have not yet gone anywhere with their families have the last chance to relax with their children. The choice of directions is simply huge, focus on the interests of everyone and find a middle ground that suits everyone.

Where to relax in August with your family
Where to relax in August with your family

Most travel companies offer cheaper packages in August than in July. Try to avoid traveling to Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. In the last month of summer in these countries it is very hot and sultry, children cannot be taken on such a trip.

Pay attention to Croatia. In this state, there are many historical monuments, small islands, cliffs and old cities. This setting is perfect for a family vacation. Tours are relatively cheap, and the level of service in Croatia is growing every year.

Do not forget about the surprisingly comfortable Montenegro. This country is great for a vacation in August due to the climate suitable for Russians. Moreover, in Montenegro you will find many beautiful and clean beaches, comfortable hotels and various entertainment for adults, youth and children.

For the whole family to have a great time at the sea, choose Bulgaria, the Black Sea coast. This country has very comfortable hotels and reasonable prices for rooms in them. Here, the emphasis is placed on recreation with children - there are many water parks, dolphinariums, excursions and yacht trips.

In Greece, you can spend a great family vacation. In August, it is not so hot here, and the water in the sea has already warmed up. The beaches in this country are clean and sandy. Greece is famous for its ancient sights and myths that will be very interesting for children. There are very cheap fruits and many places for good shopping.

Do not forget about the state of Cyprus. This place is included in the Top 10 most popular resorts in August. In Cyprus, you can take a variety of sightseeing tours by buses, jeeps, horses, ships and helicopters. You can visit the beautifully preserved temple of Aphrodite.

Pay attention to other European countries as well. In August, the UK and the Czech Republic celebrate various holidays with a medieval atmosphere that can delight the whole family, especially children. The Netherlands is no less colorful in the last month of summer - at this time there are many fireworks. Scandinavia offers tours of the famous crystal clear fjords, this miracle fascinates both children and adults.

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