Where Is The Best Place To Relax In August: Turkey Or Egypt

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Where Is The Best Place To Relax In August: Turkey Or Egypt
Where Is The Best Place To Relax In August: Turkey Or Egypt
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When choosing Turkey or Egypt as a destination for a vacation at the end of summer, you should know what weather conditions exist in these countries and which country is best suited for families with children or active summer vacations.

Turkey or Egypt?
Turkey or Egypt?

Turkey and Egypt are popular beach destinations for tourists. Beautiful sea, nature, warm weather, good hotels, entertainment and attractions make these countries a paradise for tourists. Which country to go to rest in the "high season" - in August?

Choosing a direction

Deciding where to go on your next vacation - to Turkey or Egypt - is quite difficult. And many factors contribute to this. On the one hand, these countries are easily distinguished in terms of direction: Egypt is preferable for a winter destination, Turkey for a summer one. The ideal time to travel to Egypt is from October to May, although in the middle of winter it is quite cool even there. The season in Turkey opens in mid-May and ends by October. Therefore, the choice between Turkey and Egypt is easy to make depending on when the vacation comes.


The weather in these countries varies quite a lot, but it's not just the heat of the day. The temperature in Egypt in summer can reach 60 degrees! It is difficult to imagine that residents of central Russia will be able to feel comfortable in such conditions. Turkey can also get very hot in the middle of summer, but in August the heat begins to decline and the so-called "velvet season". Therefore, objectively, it is better to go to Turkey in the summer.

At the same time, it is worth considering that in Turkey, along with a fairly high heat, high humidity also reigns, so the heat in Turkey is more difficult to endure than in Egypt. In Africa, the weather is drier and the climate is harsher, so there is a large temperature difference between night and day. If you tolerate heat well and love a dry climate with cool nights, then even in August, Egypt is the best choice.

Attractions and entertainment

The colors of Turkey and Egypt are also very different. Turkey is a more active country for tourists, it has many attractions, excursions, entertainment in hotels and outside them. It is good to travel here with small children, especially in August in the Antalya region. For those who do not like extreme heat, it is recommended to choose not the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, but the Aegean, where the climate is drier, and the atmosphere for relaxation is calmer and healthier thanks to the numerous pine forests.

In Egypt, not all hotels provide animation programs, so you often have to decide for yourself how to entertain yourself. But the stunning fauna of the Red Sea cannot be compared with anything else. Egypt is a paradise for divers, as well as for anyone who loves the understated beauty and romantic mystery of this ancient country.

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