Features Of Travel In South America

Features Of Travel In South America
Features Of Travel In South America
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South America is the dream of many people, and some consider it too distant and incomprehensible. But once you start, you will probably want to learn more and more about her.

Features of travel in South America
Features of travel in South America

Tango, white pants, mountains, two oceans, the Caribbean Sea, remnants of ancient civilizations, samba and salsa, carnival - all this is South America. It attracts many travelers with its brightness and originality.

Tours to Brazil, Argentina, Peru and other countries cost fabulous money, the Dominican Republic and Cuba have long become popular expensive destinations. Travel agencies cultivate myths about the dangers of all these countries and that leaving the hotel can only be as part of tourist groups. Yes, in many Latin American countries it is really dangerous, but if you follow some rules and be prepared for various situations, then you can and should travel on your own.

What are the features of this continent must be considered before planning a trip. South America is far from Europe or even Asia in terms of security for the "white man". In some countries, any person of European appearance is a "gringo", and in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro no one will understand which country you come from.

1) On this distant continent, there are still countries that are the least dangerous for tourists. First of all, this is Cuba. Sitting in Varadero, you will not see the country. Here you can safely rent a car and ride around the island, observing the general safety rules. A tourist is mostly seen here as a bag of money, but life is not threatened. Argentina is also relatively safe here, if you do not visit disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires. Chile, Ecuador, and the Caribbean Islands are also relatively safe. Better to start with these countries.

2) English is hardly useful. Start learning Spanish, at least the most basic words and phrases, as a last resort, stock up on a phrasebook. In most countries, English is spoken only by employees of expensive hotels, airports, as well as advanced youth in large cities.

3) Flights within the country and between countries are usually expensive, much more expensive than in Europe and Asia. A two-hour flight can cost 12-15 thousand rubles. Bus transfers often take place along a mountain serpentine and are not very comfortable.

4) Assess the state of your health, since some of the sights are in unfamiliar conditions for us. For example, the famous Machu Picchu in Peru is located at a significant height.

5) Argentina and Brazil have a "black" exchange rate, so it's better to take cash there.

6) When booking an apartment or hotel in the country, pay attention to the area, first read how safe it is.

7) In some Latin American countries, there is such a feature that the local police do not particularly protect the rights of tourists, and sometimes they are quite openly engaged in extortion of money. Do not enter into any disputes, a foreign country is not the best place to download rights.

8) In a number of countries, robbery on the street in broad daylight is the most common thing. Moreover, robbers can threaten with a knife or a pistol. Gangs of children and adolescents are also "operating" in Rio. Use common sense: do not wear gold jewelry, large sums of money, expensive phones. Do not resist the robbers.

9) Even in the most criminal countries, the common people are very benevolent, and Russians, as a rule, are loved. So, despite some difficulties, you should not deny yourself a trip to these beautiful countries.

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