How To Get To Tallinn

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How To Get To Tallinn
How To Get To Tallinn
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The number of Russians wishing to visit the Estonian capital is growing every year. The city is very beautiful, there are many interesting things in it, and some routes across Europe start in Tallinn. Many residents of Russian border regions spend weekends in Estonia, and some even acquire real estate here. There are several ways to get to Tallinn.

Tallinn is one of the most interesting Baltic cities
Tallinn is one of the most interesting Baltic cities


  • - international passport;
  • - visa.


Step 1

Several trains go to the Estonian capital from Russia. The Moscow - Tallinn train departs from the Leningradsky railway station, so those who are going to Estonia from the Russian capital must first get to the Komsomolskaya metro station, which is located on the circular line. Of course, you must have a ticket and a passport with a visa with you, otherwise you may be in trouble at the border. As for the trains from St. Petersburg, they run irregularly.

Step 2

The easiest way to get from St. Petersburg to the Estonian capital is by plane. For example, you can go to Pulkovo-2 airport and fly to Tallinn on an Estonian Air plane. However, this option is not very popular among residents of the northern capital, since the journey to the airport itself, embarkation and disembarkation, baggage claim take a lot of time, and the gain in comparison with other modes of transport is minimal. Not to mention the fact that a plane ticket is significantly more expensive than a bus.

Step 3

The bus is now the most popular form of transport between St. Petersburg and Tallinn. This is no coincidence - there are many flights, tickets are relatively inexpensive. Several flights a day are sent to the Estonian capital by the Petersburg Transport Company, Eurolines and other carriers. The road takes from five to eight hours. The fare is from 700 to 2000 rubles. Buses leave from the Baltiyskaya metro station, which is located on the red line of the northern capital.

Step 4

Tallinn and St. Petersburg are large seaports, so the distance between them can also be covered by ferry. The famous ferry "Princess Anastasia" makes regular flights between these cities. On it you can not only get to the Estonian capital, but also have a pleasant time on a romantic sea trip.

Step 5

To get to the Estonian capital by car, you need to go from St. Petersburg to Tallinskoe highway, highway M-11 "Narva" to the border. The route along the Estonian territory is also quite simple, the road from the border to Tallinn takes about four hours. The track is regularly repaired, but it is still not in very good condition.

Step 6

Residents of the border areas of the Leningrad Region have their own way to the Estonian capital, which any traveler can use if they wish. They get to Ivangorod by suburban train or bus, or even by bicycle. They cross the border checkpoints at the Friendship Bridge or Parusinka on foot, and then take a suburban train or bus in Narva.

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