The Pearl Of The Danube. Hungary

The Pearl Of The Danube. Hungary
The Pearl Of The Danube. Hungary

Video: The Pearl Of The Danube. Hungary

Video: The Pearl Of The Danube. Hungary
Video: The Fairytale City Of Budapest (Hungary) - The Pearl Of The Danube - 4K 2023, March

The capital of the beautiful country of Hungary is no less beautiful part of it - the city of Budapest. Around this city there are mountains - the Carpathians and the Alps, and the city is divided into two parts - on Buda and Pest, the world famous Danube river.

The pearl of the Danube. Hungary
The pearl of the Danube. Hungary

The city is rightfully considered a resort town, because there is a huge number of thermal springs. Budapest is famous for its many beautiful architecture, museums, art galleries, theaters, opera houses, countless pastry shops, as well as inexpensive restaurants with delicious Hungarian and other dishes.

There were 10 reasons for visiting Budapest:

  1. Discos and nightlife. At night you will not meet pensioners here, mainly at this time of day young people come out to show themselves and look at people.
  2. Take a dip in the bath. But these are not really baths, these are baths, for which water flows from the Budi hill. Swimming in it, you can improve your health, as well as relax your body and soul.
  3. Walking through the city's central market, which will bring not only a shopping experience but also the delight of the most stunning building.
  4. View the city from the observation deck. For this, there are as many as five viewing platforms.
  5. Ride a small ship and count the bridges. It is better to do this when it is already getting dark. By the way, there are a lot of bridges - seven.
  6. Visit to museums. There are a lot of them here, and if you have a small weekend, then you don't need to go around them all in a hurry.
  7. Try a national dish. The national dish in Hungary is goulash. And be sure to try it with a glass of Tokay wine. There are a lot of traditional dishes, as in any country.
  8. Take a ride in the Budapest metro. After all, it is the second built in Europe, after Great Britain.
  9. See the parliament building. Its construction took about seventeen years, 50 kilograms of gold was used, which is the symbol of Budapest.
  10. Visit the largest synagogue in Europe, which is one of the most beautiful synagogues in the entire world.

Also in Budapest there are places for children's entertainment - the Budapest Zoo, the Tropicarium Oceanarium, the Budapest Amusement Park, the Palace of Miracles, the Children's Railway. Visiting Budapest leaves few people indifferent. And I want to come back here again and again.

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