How To Leave The Country

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How To Leave The Country
How To Leave The Country

Video: How To Leave The Country

Video: How To Leave The Country
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It so often happens that I was born in one place, but I want to live in a completely different place. But what if we are not talking about another city or region, but about another country. Whether it's a childhood dream to leave your country and go to live, say, in France, or just the hope of trying your luck in a new place, this is a serious and not a quick process. To go where there are no relatives, friends, acquaintances, for this you need sufficient confidence and thorough preliminary preparation.

Perhaps, where we are not, it is really better
Perhaps, where we are not, it is really better


  • 1. A valid passport.
  • 2. Adequate amount of funds.
  • 3. A visa of a certain type, depending on the chosen method.


Step 1

First you need to decide exactly where you want to immigrate. The most popular countries for immigration are: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and among the EU countries - Germany and the Czech Republic.

Step 2

Then you need to find out about the various programs related to work and study operating in the country of interest to you.

The most famous of them:

- Work and Travel - travel and work, available for students only.

- AU pair - a program for young people who live with a family from another country and look after children

- Work and Study - in this program you study on the courses you have chosen, and at the same time earn your own tuition. Relevant for people under 30. Upon completion of these programs, as a rule, you can extend your visa for various reasons (for example, you will receive an official invitation to work), and then you will have a chance to apply for citizenship.

Step 3

If no program is right for you to leave your home country, there are other options. Let's say you are very wealthy and can open your own business in another country. This method is the simplest of all possible, which country will refuse from citizens able to improve its economy?

Step 4

Another option is to marry or marry a citizen of the state you like. A marriage can be fictitious, the main thing is proof of the duration of your relationship and the ability of your spouse to support you.

Step 5

You can also leave the country and obtain citizenship if you have close relatives living in another country. They can apply for family reunification and you will receive an immigrant visa.

Step 6

Another way is to obtain an official invitation to work in the state of your interest. In Canada, for example, there is a list of 38 professions required by the country. If your profession is on this list, feel free to submit documents.

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