How To Observe Fire Safety In The Forest

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How To Observe Fire Safety In The Forest
How To Observe Fire Safety In The Forest

Video: How To Observe Fire Safety In The Forest

Video: How To Observe Fire Safety In The Forest
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Those who have found themselves in a similar situation believe that there is nothing worse than a forest fire. He brings death not only to trees and all other vegetation, but destroys all life in the forest and is a threat to human life. It's a shame that the cause of such disasters is often pranks with fire, an unextinguished cigarette or a campfire that has not been extinguished by tourists.

How to observe fire safety in the forest
How to observe fire safety in the forest


Step 1

Man, unfortunately, is responsible for the vast majority of forest fires. Unwillingness to observe fire safety in the forest, irresponsibility and stupidity cause thousands of hectares of valuable forest to be burned out every year. Therefore, before going on a hike, for a walk or to work in the forest, read the fire safety rules and try to strictly adhere to them.

Step 2

In the summer, when the weather is hot and dry, in the absence of rain for a long time, try not to appear in the forest unless absolutely necessary. If you get there, do not make fires in young coniferous stands, in burned-out areas and areas of damaged forest, in places of its felling. Especially dangerous are fires made on peat bogs, which can then smolder for a long time, posing a threat for several years.

Step 3

If necessary, make a fire on a specially equipped site, equipped with tools and a box of sand. If there is no such area, choose an open area near the water. Where a fire will be made, remove all dry vegetation and branches within a radius of at least 0.5 meters. Before leaving this place, be sure to fill the coals with water until the smoldering stops completely.

Step 4

Do not leave glass jars and bottles in the forest, much less hit them. Shards of glass can act like lenses on a sunny day and set fire to dry grass or moss, focusing the sun's rays. Do not throw loose cigarette butts and matches, do not use smoking pipes in the forest. If you are a hunter, do not use wads made from flammable or smoldering materials.

Step 5

When carrying out work in the forest, do not throw rags and rags soaked in gasoline and kerosene, put such garbage in a special place. Do not refuel fuel tanks while the engine of the machine is running, do not use defective mechanisms. Stop smoking near gasoline-fueled cars and equipment.

Step 6

During the dry period, you cannot burn dry grass on land plots and allotments located near the forest. If this is an emergency, be sure to be present when burning grass in order to immediately extinguish the fire in case of danger.

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