How To Install A Code On A Suitcase

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How To Install A Code On A Suitcase
How To Install A Code On A Suitcase
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Most modern travel suitcases come with a special combination lock that prevents the suitcase from being opened, and therefore theft of your personal property at a hotel or airport. Many people who have bought such a suitcase do not know how to properly set up a combination lock so that it opens only with the code that the owner came up with. You can install a new code on your travel bag in a couple of minutes.

How to install a code on a suitcase
How to install a code on a suitcase


Step 1

By default, the factory settings are saved on the locks of the suitcases - the opening code is 000. Leaving the standard code unchanged can be dangerous, so make sure to change it. First, determine whether the lock on your bag is fixed or hinged.

Step 2

If the lock is fixed, open the suitcase by setting the factory combination on the combination lock, and then find the lock code lock button, which is usually located on its side wall and looks like a button or like a lever.

Step 3

Take a thin, sharp object, such as a toothpick, and poke into the code lock button or slide the lever to the right and up. While holding the button in this position, change the combination of numbers in the lock, and then release the button or return the lever back to the position in which it was. Now your suitcase will only open after entering a new code.

Step 4

If the suitcase is equipped with a combination padlock, first open the lock by turning the metal arc 90 or 180 degrees and push it inward. Hold the metal bow in a depressed position and at this time enter new numbers by turning the dials of the lock. When the correct numbers are set, release the buckle.

Step 5

Remember the installed code as best as possible so as not to face the inability to open the suitcase at the most inopportune moment. You can write down the code in a safe place and also use the first numbers of your date of birth as the code.

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