How To Open A Suitcase With A Code

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How To Open A Suitcase With A Code
How To Open A Suitcase With A Code
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Almost all modern travel suitcases are produced with combination locks to prevent strangers from opening the suitcase, and, consequently, to reduce the chance of theft of your property. However, having bought such a suitcase, people often face a problem: how to install the code on the suitcase, that is, change the code set by the manufacturer, and then how to open such a suitcase with the code.

How to open a suitcase with a code
How to open a suitcase with a code


Step 1

First, determine what type of lock is on your suitcase. There can be two of them: fixed or hinged. Depending on the type, the procedure for setting the code and opening the lock itself is also different.

Step 2

Remember that the factory default settings are the same on all suitcases and the code corresponds to the number "000". Try to open the suitcase for the first time using this code. To do this, scroll the code wheels until each of them shows "0". After that, the lock will be released and you can open the suitcase. Further, to change the code on the suitcase, proceed according to the following instructions, depending on the type of lock.

Step 3

So, if you have a fixed lock, then after opening the suitcase, find the lock button (usually it is located on the side wall and looks like a small recess or lever). Then use a sharp object to press the lock button, or, if it is a lever, move it from position A to the required position B (right and up). Do not release the button or lever. At the same moment, enter the new digits of the code combination by turning the dials. After that, having memorized the code, release the button and close the suitcase.

Step 4

If you have a padlock, you can open it as follows. Pull on the metal bar and unscrew it, depending on the manufacturer, 90 or 180 degrees. The lock will open. Now, to set your own code, lightly press the metal arc inward and hold it in this position. Turn the dials to set the desired combination. Release the arc by returning it to its original position.

Step 5

If you suddenly forget the code on the suitcase, it will be quite difficult to open it. First, try to iterate over all possible combinations that you might have set as a code. Or start turning the dials slowly and listening for sounds: when you hear a slight click, stop the dial. Do the same with all the wheels and try to open the lock. If none of the options work, take the suitcase to the workshop.

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