Where To Go At Night

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Where To Go At Night
Where To Go At Night
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Nightlife in Russian cities can be quite exciting. Indeed, at the end of the day, you can go not only to a dance club or restaurant, you can also enjoy unusual excursions, night visits to museums and much more.

Where to go at night
Where to go at night


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For example, every year in mid-May in Russia is held the "Night of Museums", as part of the event you can get into many modern museums in Russia for free. Museums are open until at least midnight, but some establishments may be open all night long. This is a great event for a large company.

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Unusual excursions to night cities are gaining popularity. There are several thematic excursions in Moscow, during which you can take part in bright performances and learn a lot about the city. In St. Petersburg, there is an opportunity to walk on the rooftops and arrange a romantic date there. There is a Night Lights program in Novosibirsk, during which you can get acquainted with the sights of the city in the warm light of street lamps. Anyway, there is an opportunity to take part in night sightseeing tours in almost any major city in the country.

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In the warm season, it is pleasant to take a ride on river transport, to look at the city from an unexpected angle. Especially popular are boat trips around the Peter and Paul Fortress on the Neva. In Moscow, you can ride on river trams along the Neskuchny Sad embankment. Similar river walks exist in many cities of Russia.

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Nighttime shows are gaining more and more popularity. All major cinemas have in their repertoire several screenings after eleven in the evening. Watching good movies together at night can be a great romantic date.

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And if you want more traditional entertainment, you can drop by a nightclub or bar, have a couple of cocktails and dance to your own pleasure. Very often, large nightlife venues host themed parties, for which a special menu of drinks and food is prepared. For example, hot Latin American parties make it possible to feel like a character in your favorite films.

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