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Where To Go Youth
Where To Go Youth
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Young people prefer active recreation without stereotypes and scenarios imposed in their teeth. Fortunately, there are many countries in the world where you can have an interesting and bright rest. This is especially true in the southern part of Europe.



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The island of Santorini attracts fans of sailing, history and architecture. In addition, a variety of vibrant parties are regularly held in Santorini. Here you can go diving, go on a long walking tour, or go on a sailboat cruise. The unique Greek atmosphere will leave the best memories.

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Italy in all its diversity awaits real romantics. Here you can ride from the steep slopes in Andorra, this option is especially suitable for beginners, relax by the sea, enjoy the views of ancient cities. Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin - all these cities are as friendly to tourists as possible. Carnivals, festivals and discos are often held here. And real gourmets in Italy also have a place to turn around, because the cuisine of this country is rightfully considered one of the best in Europe.

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Spain is becoming more and more popular with young travelers. In its cities, you can hide from the cold winter, visit the best restaurants and pubs, stunning nightclubs where you can dance all night. In a similar context, one cannot fail to mention Ibiza, which hosts the loudest parties in Europe. For lovers of a quieter holiday in Spain, there are quiet coastal cities where you can live for a while by renting a house or apartment.

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Thailand is becoming an increasingly young travel destination. You can go here for diving, snorkeling, noisy parties or quiet rest. This country is famous for its luxurious white beaches and warm sea. In Thailand, you can try Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian cuisine. And here they can be rafted along mountain rivers and conquer the jungle. Self-planning of the trip will allow you to make your vacation as varied as possible, while air tickets will cost the most.

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