What Are The Types Of Hotels

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What Are The Types Of Hotels
What Are The Types Of Hotels
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In the tourism business, there are many types of hotels with obscure names - chalets, hostels, flotels, boats, etc. It is easy to get confused in them and choose the wrong apartments for yourself - therefore, specialized guides usually explain the range of services provided by certain hotels.

What are the types of hotels
What are the types of hotels

Most common hotels

A hotel or hotel is a name for establishments located within the city limits and popular among tourists or businessmen. Usually they provide a wide range of services at a fairly affordable price. Business hotels, unlike hotels, have their own clientele. They offer everything you need to organize conferences, negotiate and work comfortably away from the office. Most often, business hotels are located in large economic centers with high business activity. Resort hotels are located on the territory of resorts and provide vacationers with a full range of recreational services - spa, fitness centers, swimming pools, nightclubs and tennis courts.

The disadvantages of resort hotels are their isolation and the inability to get acquainted with the culture and people of the country in which they are located.

Boutique hotels are five star hotels with luxurious style and design. Most often they are located in the centers of resort towns and are very expensive. Apartments (apartments, villas, part of a house or small houses) are mainly rented by tourists for different periods. Chalet hotels are located in ski resorts and look like traditional alpine houses or ordinary hotels. Among young people, hostels are the most popular, allowing you to save a lot of money on cohabitation in one large room from 12 to 20 people.

Less common hotels

Less common types of hotels include campings - tourist camps located outside the city or near the sea. They are tents or summer houses that are equipped with a kitchen and other benefits of civilization. On the water, a kind of hotel is a flotel (motor ship, barge or landing stage), as well as a boat - a ship equipped for a small floating hotel.

Flytels are especially popular among millionaires - expensive air hotels that can only be reached by air.

On the seaside, tourists are offered condominiums - houses that can be rented by several tenants for a certain period of time. Recently, timeshare hotels have become increasingly popular, which involve joint rental of real estate with the ability to live in it for a period of time proportional to the monetary contributions. For lovers of extreme and exotic, the owners of hotels today offer ice and underwater hotels, and the Japanese rent rooms, the area of ​​which is only a few square meters.

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